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A Guide To Detailing Cloths

Window Cleaning Detailing Cloths

When it comes to detailing, you've got a few options - and the right detailing cloth can ensure you leave a perfect finish, every time. 

There are a few favoured materials within this category, and with each material there are a number of brands or models of cloth that boast specific sizes or features. 




Scrim is regarded as the classic Window Cleaners cloth and has been around for quite some time. 

Scrim is a 100% linen, is durable and whilst it may feel thin and lightweight, is actually very absorbent, and great for applying finishing touches. Scrim is bought as either 'pre-washed' or 'unwashed' and comes in pretty large sizes. Scrim actually gets more durable and absorbent with age. As its washed the weave nits tighter together making it a fraction smaller but improving its performance. 

Unger Grade A Unwashed - 

Unger Grade A Prewashed - 

WCW XL Unwashed - 




Microfibre is the modern cleaners choice for smear-free cleaning, be it windows, mirrors or stainless steel & chrome surfaces. 

Microfibre cloths are super absorbent and made to trap dirt, grime, and other particles without leaving any lint or residue behind (they also do not scratch paints, coats, or other surfaces). The soft, non-abrasive microfibre material can absorb up to eight times its own weight and doesn't require any chemicals to clean.

These cloths are sold by a number of brands, in varying sizes and weights/ densities (often measured in GSM)

WCW Large Microfibre 350GSM -

WCW Small Microfibre 350GSM- 

Unger MicroWipe Large 300GSM - 

Unger MicroWipe Small 300GSM - 


Premium Microfibre

Premium microfibre cloths contain all of the benefits of the above microfibre cloths, but often contain specific features or benefits. Below are the current premium microfibres available at WCW 


FaceLift RazrWIPE


The RazrWIPE from FaceLift boasts a high quality microfibre cloth in the classic FaceLift red, with an abrasive scrubbing pocket on each corner - making it the perfect cloth for first cleans and ground on dirt. 


FaceLift Fish-Scale MicroFibre


The Fish-Scale microFibre from FaceLift (also in the distinct FaceLift red) is thicker than others in this range, but what really separates it is the distinct weave within the cloth.  The weave increases the surface area, which when coupled with the thickness of the cloth, makes the Fish-Scale microFibre super absorbent, whilst also able to provide a pristine finish to the window. 


Unger Ninja MicroWipe


Similar to the FaceLift RazrWIPE, the Unger Ninja MicroWipe combines a premium grade microfibre cloth with a coarse material on the corner pockets, to give extra scrubbing power for ground in dirt.


Sill Cloths


Sill Cloths are small, inexpensive & designed for wiping excess water and soap from frames and sills. They generally do not provide the pristine finish you would get from other variations of detailing cloth but are very absorbent. Due to them being inexpensive and absorbent, many people keep a number of these cloths for taking off excess soap and water, before using the higher quality microfibres to apply finishing touches. 

WCW Sill UltraLite Cloth - 

Unger MicroWipe Sill -

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