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A Guide to Traditional Squeegees

The fundamentals of traditional Window Cleaning are your mop & squeegee, so this is really where quality shouldn't be compromised. If you've ever used a pound shop squeegee, you'll know that you get what you pay for.

The squeegees below are separated into two categories - standard squeegees & specialty squeegees.

Let's get started! 


Standard Window Cleaning Squeegees 

Here are the stalwart squeegees. 

The no-frills,  tried and tested, 'if it isn't broke, don't fix it' squeegees that have been refined over the years to deliver the perfect finish every time.

If what's important to you is build quality, reliability & ease of use, you're in the right section.

 Unger ErgoTec® Handle & S-Channel

Unger ErgoTec Squeegee
Unger ErgoTec Squeegee


The classic Unger ErgoTec® squeegee is our best selling squeegee, and has been for some time. The handle is ergonomically shaped, to reduce fatigue in the hand - and made from a lightweight no-slip plastic & rubber. The handle head features a finger indent, allowing the user to have total control, and maintain pressure on the glass, to ensure you do not lose contact & leave lines.

The Unger S-channel itself is stainless steel, and does not require any clips to secure the rubber in place. Changing the channel or rubber is made easy by the spring mechanism on the reverse of the handle (pictured above). This quick release mechanism means you can quickly switch between channel sizes, so you aren't having to carry multiple complete squeegees at any one time.


Ettore® Contour Pro+ 

Ettore Contour Pro Window Cleaning Squeegee
Ettore Contour Pro Handle

The Ettore® Contour Pro+ squeegee features the Contour Pro+ handle & Master Steel channel & rubber. The handle swivels left to right, and allows the user to change the angle that the handle approaches the glass, making it useful for cleaning at awkward angles & closing out deep sills. The Master Steel channel is corrosion resistant & hard wearing, but requires end clips to securely lock the rubber in place.


FaceLift® FireBlade Squeegee

FaceLift Fireblade Window Cleaning Squeegee
Window Cleaning Rubber - Red FaceLift FireBlade Squeegee Rubber

Made for FaceLift by Unger, the FireBlade squeegee includes the Unger ErgoTec Handle & S-channel (see above), but in the distinct FaceLift Red. The FireBlade is also equipped with the most widely used squeegee rubber in the UK, the RazrBlade, known for its distinct red colour and long-lasting performance. The RazrBlade can work in any season, and will reliably outlast any other squeegee rubber on the market.


Unger ErgoTec® Ninja

Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Cleaning Squeegee
Unger Ergotec Ninja Window Cleaning Squeegee

The Ninja represents Unger's premium traditional range of tools and is comprised of the Ninja Handle (available in 30 or 40 degree options) and the Unger Aluminium Ninja Channel. The handle itself has a swivel function, allowing the user to reach awkward spaces. The Ninja channel has end clips, holding the rubber taut to ensure a neat finish without needing excess pressure.


Speciality Window Cleaning Squeegees

Here are the squeegees that challenge the norm, designed to solve specific problems for the Modern Window Cleaner. These squeegees often require a little more technique, and may take some getting used to - but put in the time and effort and you'll see the rewards!

If what's important to you is finding solutions to working quicker and trying out new ways to provide a perfect finish, you're in the right section.


Moerman Excelerator, Liquidator & F*Liq Combo 

This Combo combines three of Moerman's favourite tools, the Excelerator Handle, the Liquidator Channel and the F*Liq Sleeve.

Moerman Excelerator, Liquidator & Fliq Window Cleaning Tools
Moerman Window Cleaning Equipment


Excelerator 2.0 Handle 

Moerman Excelerator Window Cleaning Handle


The Excelerator 2.0 Handle is an update to the well reviewed Excelerator Handle. The handle itself has an adjustable angle, which can be set to: -20, -5, 10, 25, 40 (degrees). The thin jaw & negative angles allow a deeper reach, especially when working with an extension pole. The handle can also be used in a fixed position, or with a free-swivel.

The locking mechanism and handle design have also had an update, allowing for a tighter grip to the channel & a more natural shaped handle


Liquidator 3.0 Channel

Moerman Liquidator Window Cleaning Squeegee Channel

This channel is a shape change from the conventional squeegee. The Liquidator is best recognised by its distinctly shaped end clips, designed to allow the user to cut right into the very edges of any window, reducing any need to detail the window with cloths. Therefore allowing the Window Cleaner to work more efficiently (and carry less equipment). The Liquidator fits the specifically shaped Dura Flex rubber, however, it can also be used with other industry favourites (such as RazrBLADE red rubber) if you taper the corners.


F*Liq Sleeve

Moerman F*Liq (Fliq) Window Cleaning Washer Sleeve

The F*Liq Sleeve is a dense microfibre pad, designed specifically for the Liquidator channel. The sleeve is lightweight yet absorbent, and can be quickly clipped or unclipped from the channel. The F*Liq sleeve can be used to flip over or under the channel as fits your preference (flip over is generally the preferred method for pole work). The F*Liq sleeve is a pioneer in the 'one tool' category, removing any need for a separate washer - which both keeps your tool-belt light, and allows you to work quickly (particularly with pole work).


Unger ErgoTec® S-Channel Plus


The S-Channel Plus is a durable, stainless steel squeegee channel, designed to fit the best-selling Unger ErgoTec® handle, and brings a distinct change from the standard S-Channel.


The S-Channel Plus squeegee brings all the benefits of the Unger ErgoTec Squeegee (see above), and fits the conventional shape of a squeegee, but with one major difference. The S-Channel Plus has tapered ends, that support the rubber at either end of each squeegee, ensuring that pressure is correctly applied across the whole blade - even at poor angles or when close to the frame. 


Unger VisaVersa®


The VisaVersa® is a two-in-one tool, combining the classic Unger S-Channel squeegee with the Original Unger washer sleeve. The VisaVersa® is a great time saver, and perfect for use on extension poles, whereby you can swap between the complete squeegee and wash by simply flipping the tool over. 


Wagtail High Flyer 



The High Flyer combines a single mop & squeegee combo tool, with a double pivoting design & tapered channel ends, allowing it to apply consistent pressure to the glass as the approach angle changes. The High Flyer allows its user to quickly wash and squeegee a window with one hand, making it useful for rope access Window Cleaners. 

The High Flyer washer is a lightweight, but absorbent microfibre pad, and the channel made from a robust anodized aluminium. When used in conjunction with an extension pole and the Wagtail Angle Arm, the swivel function makes it perfect for quickly washing windows at height whilst maintaining the effective fanning technique adopted by most Window Cleaners for ground floor cleaning. 


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