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    A Guide To Starter Kits

    A Guide To Starter Kits

    Have you found yourself looking for a complete Window Cleaning kit, and wound up sat scratching your head?

    If so, you're in the right place. We are going to break down some of our most popular starter kits, and highlight the benefits & features of each.

    If you're needing to buy all the equipment needed to clean windows, a starter kit is the most cost effective way to do so. Our starter kits are designed to include everything needed, without the confusion of finding compatible products.

    Oh, and to sweeten the deal, Starter Kits usually come with nice bit of discount.

    Traditional Starter Kits

    If you're in the market for a set of traditional equipment, a starter kit is likely to be the best means of doing so. Many of the traditional brands make their tools compatible only with other tools from the same brand or collection. For example the ErgoTec range from Unger are specifically shaped to fit the Unger Locking Cone, allowing traditional tools to securely lock to an extension pole.

    Mixing and matching between products can be done but its often simpler and more convenient to use tools from the same collection.

    Here are Two of our Favourite Complete Starter Kits

    The Unger ErgoTec® CLASSIC tools are our best selling, most reliable tools in this area. You'll find these regularly on our site in the distinct Unger Green.

    The Unger ErgoTec® Premium Starter KIT

    The Unger ErgoTec® Premium Starter KIT

    Alternatively, if you're looking for something outside of the proverbial box, perhaps the MOERMAN® ProClean range is better suited, with tapered ends and swiveling handles. These are equally distinct in the regular Moerman Blue.

    MOERMAN® EXCELERATOR 2.0 Premium Starter KIT


    If you don't require something quite so comprehensive, then perhaps this FireBLADE® ULTIMATE BUNDLE is the right choice. This is a traditional Bucket on a Belt Starter Kit with Phantom Traditional Pole. Don't forget to buy an additional toolbelt if needed.



    If you require something a little more comprehensive, then Unger ErgoTec® SET is perhaps where you should look. This kit comes with everything needed to get started as a traditional Window Cleaner, included high quality detailing cloths and multiple sizes of squeegee channel, it also includes a complete carry case, meaning you can keep the equipment packed away neatly when not in use.

    The Unger ErgoTec® SET

    The Unger ErgoTec® SET

    Basic Pure Water Starter Kits 

    The term Pure Water in Window Cleaning describes ordinary tap water that has been filtered through a purification system, to remove all the natural minerals. This is explained further in our Complete Guide To Pure Water Cleaning

    The reason for this is that pure water dries to leave a completely clean finish, as opposed to general tap water that dries & leaves minerals on the windows, which result in hard water stains and unsightly white spotting.

    When applied to Window Cleaning, using pure water means that there is no need to squeegee the water from the window - providing you have agitated (scrubbed) the dirt and rinsed the window thoroughly, you can leave it wet!

    There are a number of benefits to this type of cleaning, and so most Window Cleaners will consider getting a pure water cleaning kit at some point.

    Switching to Pure Water Window Cleaning

    Within this category of basic pure water kits, there is two possible routes that you can take. To know which is best suited, you will need to know if you plan to clean using a water source (a garden tap for example), or will you carry your own water each day.

    Firstly, if you are looking to purify and clean directly from a garden tap, then you will simply need a purification unit, and a water-fed pole.

    This next kit is designed to be plugged directly to a tap, and can then purify water on demand. The HydroPower DI unit has a built-in TDS Meter, to give you a constant reading on the purity of your water. Eventually the water will stop reading 000 ppm, and when this happens, you simply order a replacement bag of DI resin (the consumable used to purify water) and, when it arrives, switch the resin bag in a few seconds.

    The Unger nLite HydroPower™ DI Starter Kit

    • Unger DI filtration unit
    • QuickChange™ Resin Bag - 2 Litre
    •  1.5 metre or 2.5 metre nLite® Connect Aluminium Pole
    • 20m Unger HiFlo™ Pole Hose
    • Unger nLite® Radius Brush & Pencil Jets

    You will need additional equipment if you plan to store and carry your own water, rather than using a tap on each clean.

    The FaceLift® BigBoy II Backpack & WCW 35 Litre Trolley does this by including equipment similar to the previous kit, but with the addition of the trolley or backpack to deliver the water without the need for a tap.

    Both are battery powered, and include a flow controller & 40-60 psi pump, which is then used to deliver the purified water to the windows. 

    The FaceLift® BigBOY II Backpack Starter Kit

    • Choice of 22L FaceLift® BigBOY II Backpack or 35 Litre Trolley
    • DI Vessel with resin
    • Choice of Complete FaceLift Renegade Pole
    • All necessary hose & connections

    Pure Water Starter Kit & Renegade Pole

    The FaceLift® Trojan Trolley System

    If you require either built in filtration, or a larger capacity, The Trojan Trolley might be the ideal solution. The Trojan Trolley Starter Kit is an industrious 70L purification & delivery trolley. This is the go-to equipment for many Window Cleaning businesses, and can often be found on university/ college campuses that have large grounds to cover, but poor access for vehicles.

    Included in the Trojan Trolley Starter Kit:

    • Trojan 70 Litre DI Trolley System
    • Choice of FaceLift Phantom Carbon Pole
    • Complete with a choice of brush heads
    • Compatible Hose & Couplings included

    FaceLift® Trojan Trolley Starter Kit

    The Trojan trolley is simply filled with tap water, which is then purified through the DI vessel as you clean, making it very simple to operate.

    The trolley is fitted with a 30m hose reel, 100psi pump, digital flow controller and is powered by a 12v Gel battery. This allows you to clean at any height and up to 30m away from the trolley - whilst allowing you to vary the flow to conserve water or give you a bit of extra scrubbing power as necessary.

    Van Mounted Starter Kits

    Van Mounted Systems are largely considered the gold standard for Window Cleaning equipment, and not without good reason. 

    In the simplest terms, a van mounted window cleaning system is a purpose built system that facilitates your entire business functioning from the back of your van.

    There are many variations of the van mounted system but generally speaking, a complete system allows you to purify, store and deliver large quantities of water for window or exterior cleaning.

    You’ll notice this type of pure water cleaning system also go by the names;

    water fed or water fed pole system, van mounted, pole or pole cleaning system

    We have a number of Van Mounted Systems available, but our Compact Ideal Starter Kit is consistently one of our best selling starter-kits.

    It's perfect for a first venture into pure water cleaning, and includes everything needed to purify, deliver & clean windows with pure water, but without the high price tag that comes with a more comprehensive set up.

    This FaceLift® COMPACT Ideal Start-Up Kit

    FaceLift Compact Van Mounted Window Cleaning System - Ideal Starter Up Kit FaceLift Phantom Water Fed Window Cleaning Pole - Carbon Fibre FaceLift Phantom Dual Trim DuPont Nylon Brush Head - Window Cleaning Brush

    • Choice of 325 or 425 Litre FaceLift Compact Van Mounted System
    • Choice of Top Mounted 100m Electric or Manual Hose Reel
    • Choice of 22 or 30 foot Carbon or Hybrid Pole, complete with hose & brush
    • Free Delivery to Mainland UK (Excludes Ireland & highlands, see delivery terms for full details)

    FaceLift® COMPACT Ideal Start-Up Kit

    If you decide that this remarkable kit the correct option for you, there are a number of final considerations to make, to ensure it provides a complete solution.

    Floor Protection

    Before fitting a van mounted system, it is best practice to apply some protection to the floor of the vehicle, this will help prolong the vehicles life and protect against the wear and tear of every day usage. Whilst there are a number of options to do so, a quick & inexpensive option is to use Protecta-Kote Bedliner Paint. This is a tough, high grip paint that can be easily applied and left to dry prior to fitting a van mounted system.

    See More Protecta-Kote Options

    Maintaining The Van Mounted System Battery

    The Ideal Start-Up Kit comes ready fitted with a 75 ah Leisure battery - this will need regular charging.

    To do so there are two options, the preferred means is to connect the auxiliary system battery to the vehicle battery. This will allow the system battery to charge while the vehicle is in use. Doing so will limit any need need to access and charge the system battery, though it's important to note that depending on vehicle usage, the system may need to be charged via mains power from time to time. Depending if you decide to use a split charge relay or a battery charger, you will need to purchase:

    Leisure Battery Charger

    Split Charge Relay

    Pole Storage

    Keeping poles stored away can prevent them accidental damage, and allow you to keep on top of your hoses (which can quickly become a mess!), our internal pole holders are a simple means to do so - these simply fix to the inside of the vehicle and allow you to keep poles & a-frame ladders safely during transit.

    Pole & A-Frame In-Van Storage

    Is there something we've missed?

    If you have any questions, direct them to our customer support team at info@Windowcleaningwarehouse.co.uk

    Head back to the Starting a Window Cleaning Business Hub to find more information. 

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