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Unger Pure Water Cleaning Kit

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The Unger Pure Water Cleaning Kit is a complete setup to clean windows, conservatories, plastics and other exterior features at height, without the need for chemicals, using only purified water. This kit is designed to connect to any garden tap and purify water on demand to the pole and brush head. 

Kit Includes: 

  • Pure Water Filter including one bag of filter resin
  • Choice of 1.5 or 4.5m Telescopic pole including hose & connections (20m)
  • Water Fed Brush (27cm)
  • TDS meter to measure water purity
  • One filter resin bag included, purchase replacement resin bags here

How Long Will Each Resin Bag Last?

The mineral content in tap water varies from one location to another so it is difficult to estimate how much water can be purified by a single bag of filter resin. As a rule of thumb, 'soft' water will last considerably longer than 'hard' water. 

How Will I Know When To Change The Resin Bag?

Fill a glass or container with a small amount of water from the Unger Pure Water Filter. Remove the cap from the TDS meter, press the power button, and place the probes into the water. The TDS reading will indicate 000 TDS as an indication that the water is pure. As soon as the value starts to increase, the resin is saturated and the DI filter resin bag should be replaced. Up to a value of approximately 010 TDS you can still expect clean glass, solar panels, conservatories etc.

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