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A Guide To Window Cleaning Soaps

Window Cleaning solutions are a key component to a traditional cleaners kit but sadly there is a lot of variety to choose from and finding the one that suits you best can be quite the headache!

So, to relieve you of the added stress we have got all our favourites together below, to help you pick.

Firstly there are two types. Those that need to be diluted down and those that can be directly applied to your washer sleeve. We have split these into two sections:

Concentrated Window Cleaning Soaps

FaceLift® RazrGlide Premium Detergent

Take a look at FaceLift® RazrGlide

FaceLift® RazrGLIDE Window Cleaning solution

RazrGlide has been around for approximately 18 months, and has been very well received since release. It is competitively priced and a premium quality. RazrGlide is a Window Cleaning solution designed to be diluted at 0.125L per every 20L of water, meaning the 5 Litre container goes a long way.

This cleaner is made up of natural citrus-based solvents that leaves a sparkling streak free finish and is accompanied by a fresh scent that leaves the windows glorious on the eyes (and nose). This product can make anyone look like a professional. It is safe and biodegradable and gentle on the skin so no need to worry about spilling, It is only recommended that you keep away from your eyes.

Unger's Liquid

Take a look at Unger's Liquid

Unger Liquid - Window Cleaning Soap

Unger are a well established brand within the window cleaning industry and the Unger Liquid has been on the market for some time and still proves itself to be of high quality and reliable. It creates a nice amount of suds so that it is visible upon the glass and with the right ratio you will find that it creates a nice glide that makes it a delight to work with.

Its concentrated formula requires a solution of 1 L for every 100 L of water so it is Economical and Eco-Friendly. Unger Liquid can be bought in 5L or 1L containers.

Ettore® Squeegee Off

Take a Look at Ettore® Squeegee Off

ETTORE® Squeegee Off - Window Cleaning Soap

Ettore Squeegee off is a super-concentrated, professional, ammonia-free formula, which quickly and easily dissolves grease and grime, leaving guaranteed streak-free, sparkling windows with no harsh ammonia smell. It is Biodegradable and Eco friendly making it popular among the window cleaning community.

It can be diluted at a super-economical rate of 2 teaspoons per gallon of water, and comes in 500ml and 5-litre sizes. We have found that most prefer to mix slightly more than recommended into a solution as it is nicer to use and provides a finer finish, but trial and error will help determine the perfect ratio for yourself.

SYR Glimmer Clean

Take a look at SYR Glimmer Clean 

SYR Glimmer Clean 5L - Window Cleaning solution


SYR Glimmer Clean is a long standing favourite in the industry. It is designed to be both an anti-static detergent and effective at removing Dirt and grease. It is a heavy duty cleaner with the dilution rates for light cleaning being 1:50 and heavy duty cleaning 1:20. Most Window Cleaners find that a dilution ratio between these two figures gives you the perfect balance of cleaning power and cost-effectiveness.


Direct Application Window Cleaning Soaps

These detergents can be applied directly to a damp washer, and do not require diluting, often these are a gel like formula

Moerman® Squeeze Deluxe

Take a look at Moerman® Squeeze Deluxe

Moerman Squeeze Deluxe - Window Cleaning Soap

A professional window cleaning detergent from Moerman. Pro Squeeze Deluxe is a thick liquid - not easy to spill - does not need to be diluted, and has a pleasant fragrance and a neutral ph. Designed to be used directly onto your applicator, simply squeeze three or four drops of Squeeze Deluxe along your wet washer sleeve and you are ready to clean. This detergent provides just the right level of glide for the Moerman Liquidator Squeegee, and comes with a sports style cap for ease of use.

Available as a handy 500ml bottle or 5 Litre complete with a dispensing nozzle - to help refill the smaller bottle for quick application


Unger's Gel

Take a look at Unger's Gel

Unger's gel Window cleaning Soap

Unger's Gel, much like the Unger Liquid is a known product for quality. The Gel is easily applied to the washer sleeve and due to it's concentrated formula you will not need to apply much. it is Economic and covers large areas with ease, It creates a nice slide and provides a streak free finish. Unger Gel comes in a 500ml easy to store bottle, with a sports style cap for simple application. This product is perfect for use with Ungers Microfibre Sleeves.


Special Mentions

Hard Water Stain Remover: Unger RubOut Glass Cleaner

Tough on stains, gentle on glass - and it even smells pleasant. RubOut provides that much needed extra cleaning power for specific purposes, such as on hard water stains, limescale, rust stains and soap residues. It's even perfect for cleaning the glass in your shower (notorious for hard water stains). Top Tip: test on a small portion of the surface being cleaned, before applying to the whole surface.

uPVC & Conservatory Cleaner - FaceLift RazrWash

RazrWash is a concentrated formula with a natural citrus solvent, and it really packs a punch. It's perfect for uPVC frames, conservatories & even for those particularly dirty windows that require a little extra elbow grease. RazrWash can be used undiluted for particularly stubborn grime, or 1 L to 50 L of water for general purpose cleaning (or even 1:100 for light cleaning).

RazrWash can be purchased in 5L or as part of a twin-pack for best value.

Take a look at FaceLift® RazrWash