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A Guide To Traditional Washers

The washer is perhaps the simplest of the tools required by a traditional 'mop & squeegee' style Window Cleaner. There are a number of different styles of washer on the market, and a number of different styles of traditional tool, below we break down everything you need to know regarding choosing the correct washer for you (need advice on squeegees, check out our Guide To Squeegees).


Standard Washers 

This collection is our best selling washers, with variations in size, material & handle design.


Unger ErgoTec Monsoon Stripwasher 

Unger Monsoon Window Cleaning Washer

The Monsoon is by far the most used traditional Washer in the industry, the distinct green & white stripes are easily recognisable to most Window Cleaners.

The ErgoTec handle follows the same design as other products in the ErgoTec range, and is designed with a natural feeling lightweight grip, to reduce fatigue. The Monsoon sleeve itself has extra long fibres, making it absorbent and allowing great scrubbing power. The sleeve also has double stitched ends and an end scrubbing pad, making it extremely hard wearing and brilliant at loosening ground on dirt.

The Monsoon Stripwasher is the perfect choice for use as a handheld washer, or locked onto an Unger extension pole to safely clean at height.


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Unger ErgoTec Ninja 

Unger Ninja Window Cleaning Washer

As part of the ErgoTec Ninja range, the Ninja washer represents Ungers Premium Window Cleaning Washer. Following the Unger ethos, the Ninja Washer handle is designed to feel natural in your hand & reduce fatigue, however the Ninja washer also has a swiveling feature, allowing you to hit those hard to reach areas. This coupled with the scrubbing pads on either end ensure that there is never a window that can't be cleaned! 


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Unger MicroStrip

Unger Microstrip Window Cleaning Washer

The MicroStrip sleeve is a blended microfibre sleeve, capable of absorbing up to 6x it's weight in water, and providing excellent scrubbing power. this sleeve can be combined with the classic ErgoTec T-Bar, ensuring a comfortable & lightweight grip. The MicroStrip comes equipped with a deep scrubbing pad on one end & double stitched ends, to ensure longevity and maximise scrubbing power.  


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Ettore ProGrip 

Ettore Window Cleaning Washer

The ProGrip Washer has an ergonomic rubberised grip for maximum comfort, and is complete with the Ettore Microfibre sleeve. The extremely fine, dense, high pile microfibre allows for maximum scrubbing power whilst remaining absorbent, and comes complete with a white end scrubbing pad. 


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FaceLift FireBLADE 

FaceLift FireBlade Window Cleaning Washer

Made for FaceLift, by Unger - the FireBLADE Washer is a microfibre sleeve, capable of holding up to 6x it's weight in water whilst providing superior scrubbing power. The sleeve is combined with the UniTec T-Bar to provide a natural feeling, lightweight grip. 

Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, it comes in the distinct FaceLift RED! 


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Washer Sleeves


Unger Original

Unger Original Window Cleaning Washer

The Unger Original StripWasher Sleeve is made from a blended synthetic fabric, double-stitched ends for longevity fastens using a hook and loop fastener.

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Ettore Golden Glove

Ettore Golden Glove Window Cleaning Washer

The Ettore Golden Glove sleeve is a heavy duty, long fibre synthetic sleeve. The sleeve has double sewn seams for longevity & provides excellent scrubbing power 

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Ettore Porcupine

Ettore Porcupine Window Cleaning Washer

The porcupine sleeve is an aggressive, heavy duty washer. The absorbent microfibre found in the standard Ettore sleeve is interwoven with flexible bristles, providing excellent scrubbing power! 

Please note, this sleeve is not suitable for use on windows with film coverings. 

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Combo Tools 

This collection features our 2-in-1 washer & squeegee combination tools, with variations in size, shape & design.


Unger VisaVersa®

Unger Visaversa Window Cleaning Washer

The VisaVersa® is a two-in-one tool, combining the classic unger S-Channel squeegee with the Original Unger washer sleeve. The VisaVersa® is a great time saver, and perfect for use on extension poles, whereby you can swap between the complete squeegee and wash by simply flipping the tool over. 


Shop Unger VisaVersa®


Moerman Combinator

Moerman Combinator Window Cleaning Washer

The Moerman Combinator is a 2-in-1 tool that can be customised to accommodate varying sizes of squeegee & channel. The Combinator is built from the Combinator handle, the Combinator Microfibre sleeve & T-Bar, and the Liquidator 2.0 Squeegee ( See our Guide to Squeegees for more info on the Liquidator 2.0). The handle is unique to this tool, and can be used as a single squeegee or as a 2-in-1 tool. The T-Bar & microfibre sleeve are lightweight, yet super absorbent, and can be fitted to face the opposite direction to the Liquidator 2.0 channel, or facing the same direction - turning the Combinator into a one-pass tool.


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Wagtail High Flyer

Wagtail High Flyer Window Cleaning Washer

The High Flyer combines a single mop & squeegee combo tool, with a double pivoting design & tapered channel ends, allowing it to apply consistent pressure to the glass as the approach angle changes. The High Flyer allows its user to quickly wash and squeegee a window with one hand, making it useful for rope access Window Cleaners.

The High Flyer washer is a lightweight, but absorbent microfibre pad, and the channel made from a robust anodized aluminium. When used in conjunction with an extension pole and the Wagtail Angle Arm, the swivel function makes it perfect for quickly washing windows at height whilst maintaining the effective fanning technique adopted by most Window Cleaners for ground floor cleaning.


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Moerman F*Liq 

Moerman Window Cleaning Washer

The F*Liq Sleeve is a dense microfibre pad, designed specifically for the Liquidator channel. The sleeve is lightweight yet absorbent, and can be quickly clipped or unclipped from the channel. The F*Liq sleeve can be used to flip over or under the channel as fits your preference (flip over is generally the preferred method for pole work). The F*Liq sleeve is a pioneer in the 'one tool' category, removing any need for a separate washer - which both keeps your tool-belt light, and allows you to work quickly (particularly with pole work).


Please note, this product must be combined with a Liquidator 2.0 - and cannot be used as a standalone washer.


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