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Finding the Best Window Cleaning Tools

Looking for the best tools to clean windows? Look no further. 

There's not many corners of the internet dedicated to clean windows in the way that we are, oh and we've been supplying professionals for just shy of 20 years. 

Today we'll break down the best tools available to get those crystal-clear, streak-free windows

First Things First, How Not To Clean Windows....

Everybody's grandparents swear by newspaper, vinegar, or a chamois leather - but lets just leave those at the door - the window cleaning world has moved on. 

Can we also ditch the Ikea 99p squeegee and don't get me started on the window-vac (okay, I admit it's handy for doing the insides). 


Second, Check Your Wallet

Budget is going to be a big determining factor when it comes to types of equipment. Generally Window Cleaning is split into the traditional method and the pure water (or water fed) method - and for the sake of simplicity, we'll cover the cheaper option first.

To ballpark the costs, a complete traditional setup will be anything from £50-£150 whereas a pure-water setup will set you back £250-£500. 

1. Traditional Window Cleaning Tools

Traditional Window Cleaning is what people generally associate with Window Cleaning - the classic mop & squeegee.

Unless you're of a younger generation of course,  in which case you may be more accustomed to having the Window Cleaner wake you up by sloshing a bright green brush up and down your bedroom window (we'll cover this in a second - the bright green brush that is, not your sleeping habits).

The classic mop and squeegee is the most wallet friendly way to clean windows, but it doesn't come without its challenges. If you'd like to dig into this further, check out our Complete Guide to Traditional Window Cleaning, but for now we can simplify a complete traditional window cleaning kit into these items;

1. Washer (or mop)

2. Squeegee

3. Bucket

4. Microfibre Cloth

5. Soap 

The technique is simple; get some soapy water in a bucket, use the washer to scrub the window and squeegee to pull the soap off. Then go over the bits you've missed with the microfibre cloth before cracking open a cold one and patting yourself on the back. Job well done.

If you get stuck, there's some handy squeegee technique tips. There's some extra tools that will help of course.

We recommend a glass scraper to help with adhesives, paint and other stuck-on-nonsense. We also recommend a hip-bucket for pure convenience if you're cleaning on a ladder. 

You can take a look at all of our complete traditional kits here, though if you'd like our recommendation, check out the Unger Premium Starter Kit & the WCW starter Kit - both excellent options. 


Next Up, Pure Water Window Cleaning Tools

Pure water Window Cleaning, often referred to as the water fed method, is a method of cleaning that relies on the chemical make up of pure water to provide a streak free clean without needing to dry the window.

In it's simplest form, to use this method you need: 

1. A means to purify water (the simplest option is called a DI Vessel)

2. A water fed pole & brush head

3. hoses and hose connectors to get the water from a tap, through the DI vessel, up the pole and onto the glass. 

This method requires some know-how but it means being able to clean quickly from the safety of the ground - and while you're at it, you can scrub the frames, soffits, fascias, gutters, and even your front door. 

Technique wise it's pretty simple; scrub like crazy and then rinse, rinse and rinse some more. 

If you'd like to learn more, we've got a bunch of useful articles in our Understanding Pure Water Cleaning section.

If you'd like to see our complete range of pure water starter kits, click here

Alternatively, our recommendations to get started are the Unger Pure Water Starter Kit & the WCW DI Starter Kit

If you need it to be portable or don't have access to a tap, try the BigBoy Backpack Starter Kit


There You Have It

A simple take on the best window cleaning tools. If you're the researching type, we've got a tonne of helpful articles that might be useful, check out the WCW hub