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FaceLift® Phantom Carbon




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Part of the best-selling Phantom pole collection, this pole features carbon fibre pole sections. Carbon fibre is often considered the 'gold standard for window cleaning as it is equal parts lightweight, strong, and hard-wearing. The Phantom Carbon Fibre has long been a favourite among professional window cleaners.  

Here are some of the key features that make the Phantom pole unique:

Patented Inner Sleeve - Each clamp has a soft TPU sleeve, acting as a buffer between the hard clamp body and the pole section. This sleeve reduces the friction and prolongs the life of the pole, whilst providing unparalleled grip - resulting in a high-performance pole that lasts!  

Self Aligning Clamp Lever  - The lever fits within channel guides and self aligns so as not to work loose over time

Glue Free Fitting - Each clamp is fixed firmly in place without any glue, quickly swap or tighten clamps in seconds with a 4mm hex key. 

Reversible Lever - Each clamp body is symmetrical so you can use the pole right or left-handed

Replaceable Parts - Each component on the pole is available individually to replace when needed, including the plastic clamp, base cap, and the red polyurethane clamp sleeve


Each pole includes:

- High-quality carbon fibre sections

- Patented Phantom Clamps 

- 'Euro' threaded insert

- 5mm Pole Pipe

- Three-pronged anti-kink base cap


Optional Extra

- A choice of brush head & Angle adapter


18ft CARBON PH-CF-18 950g 150cm
22ft CARBON PH-CF-22 1300g 150cm
25ft CARBON PH-CF-25 1470g 177cm
30ft CARBON PH-CF-30 1900g 175cm
35ft CARBON PH-CF-35 2700g 183cm
40ft CARBON PH-CF-40 3450g 184cm
50ft CARBON PH-CF-50 4700g 245cm


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