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Starting a Window Cleaning Business with £500

Spending somewhere in the region of £500 will allow you to take a step into pure water Window Cleaning. If you aren't sure what this is, be sure to read our Traditional vs Pure Water Window Cleaning article. 

Below are two kits, The first under the subheading 'Professional Window Cleaning Kit' and the second under 'Domestic Window Cleaning Kit'. The primary difference in the two is the need to access a water source. the domestic kit will run directly from a garden tap, the professional kit includes a self contained system to carry and pump pure water without need for constant access to a tap.

Use the links below to skip to each

Professional Window Cleaning Kit

Domestic Window Cleaning Kit


Pure water Window Cleaning allows you to work from the safety of the ground and is widely regarded as a quicker way to clean windows. Not only this, but many commercial properties will only permit this method of Window Cleaning for safety reasons, meaning having this equipment can open up job opportunities that you may not otherwise have been able to quote for. 


Professional Window Cleaning Kit

Pure Water Window Cleaning comes in a few different forms, but fundamentally what you require is a means to purify water, and means to deliver it through a water-fed pole onto the windows. 

The simplest form of doing so is using a trolley or backpack, in this category, our most popular kit is the Pure Water Starter Kit, which gives you the option of either backpack or trolley. 

Pure Water Window Cleaning Kit


What's in the Kit 

How Does it Work 

This kit includes everything needed to clean windows using pure water (if you're unsure what pure water window cleaning is, see An Introduction to Pure Water). 

The first step in the process is purifying the water. This is done using the DI Vessel. Simply connect a garden hose to the inlet and drop a hose from the outlet into the top of the backpack or trolley. The Water will purify directly at approximately 2-3 Litres per minute.

(hint: If your customer is happy for you to use their water source, the DI Vessel can connect directly to the pole, using the tap pressure to reach windows). 

Once you have sufficient water in the backpack (and any necessary extra water to cover you for the day). The backpack can then be connected to the water fed pole. Included in the kit are a complete water fed pole, brush head, the necessary hose, and a connection (to match with the backpack). 

Once everything is connected up, switch the backpack on to begin pumping, choose your speed and you're ready to clean windows.


Domestic Window Cleaning Kit

Domestic window cleaning using pure water requires two primary pieces of equipment. These are; a means to purify water, and a means to actually clean the windows. 

By far the most popular kit in our line-up for this task is the HydroPower™ Ultra S - nLite Carbon Composite 6m. This kit allows the operator to purify and clean by simply connecting the HydroPower DI Unit to a water source (such as a garden tap)

HydroPower™ Ultra S - nLite Carbon Composite 6m
 Unger nLite HydroPower™ DI Ultra Starter Kit - £429.00 + VAT (£514.80 inc VAT)

What's in the Kit

      How Does it Work

      This kit includes everything needed to clean windows using pure water (if you're unsure what pure water window cleaning is, see an introduction to pure water).

      The first step in the process is purifying the water. This is done using the black & green nLite HydroPower Vessel. This will arrive ready to use, simply connect a garden hose to the inlet, and connect the water-fed pole to the outlet. 

      When you switch your tap on, water will begin to flow through the vessel, and the TDS meter on the top will tell you exactly how pure the water is. This is measured in parts per million or PPM and should read 0ppm, meaning the water is leaving the vessel pure.

      When the TDS meter atop the nLite HydroPower vessel stops reading 0ppm, its time to order a replacement bag of HydroPower Resin, you may still use the unit however the results will decline as the reading hits between 5ppm & 10ppm. 

      With the water-fed pole connected, and the nLite HydroPower Vessel producing pure water, you are ready to clean. place the brush head against the glass and scrub. Once the window has been sufficiently scrubbed, lift the brush from the glass and rinse the glass thoroughly from top to bottom, and leave to dry! 

      (check out this helpful technique video, for tips on cleaning with a water-fed pole). 



      Head to our Starting a Window Cleaning Business Hub for more helpful guides and read common questions Window Cleaners ask