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Traditional vs. Pure Water Window Cleaning

Traditional Window Cleaning is perhaps what people generally associate with Window Cleaning. Many years ago this included some newspaper and vinegar, then it progressed to the Chamois before finally reaching the classic Mop & Squeegee.


This method of Window Cleaning still has its place, particularly for internal Window Cleaning & deep cleaning (where a little more elbow grease may be required). However, more commonly used in today's world is the water-fed pole method, which requires pure water.

The water-fed pole method utilizes pure water to clean windows without the need for ladders or access equipment (the term Pure Water in Window Cleaning describes ordinary tap water that has been filtered through a purification system - learn more about this process here. )

The equipment needed to clean windows using the water-fed pole method is more costly to purchase but allows you to work quickly, from the safety of the ground, and to clean other parts of a property's exterior (frames & uPVC for example). Many commercial properties will also only permit this method of Window Cleaning for safety reasons. 

Window Cleaners report that whilst it might cost more as an initial investment, going down the water-fed pole route will future proof your business and allow for a higher-earning potential. 

Our recommendation is to view each method as different tools in a toolbox, there are likely to be jobs where each will be advantageous and even some jobs where a combination of the two is ideal. 

Head to our Starting a Window Cleaning Business Hub for more helpful guides.

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