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Hose Tail to Hozelock Male Connectors

Hose Tail
  • Male Hozelock Compatible to Hose Tail Coupling

    High Quality Aluminium Adapter

    Available in Various Sizes

    • 6mm for 5-6mm Pole Pipe
    • 8mm for 8mm Microbore Hose
    • 12mm for Standard 1/2" Hose
    Add Compatible O-Clips as Needed
    • 6mm Hose Tail
      Approx. 3.5mm Internal Diameter - 6.7mm External Diameter

      8mm Hose Tail
      Approx. 8mm Internal Diameter - 9.5mm External Diameter

      12mm Hose Tail
      Approx. 9mm Internal Diameter - 13.5mm External Diameter

      1/4" BSP Thread
      Approx. 1/4" Internal Diameter - 1/2" External Diameter

      1/2" BSP Thread
      Approx. 1/2" Internal Diameter - 3/4" External Diameter

      3/4" BSP Thread
      Approx. 3/4" Internal Diameter - 1" External Diameter

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