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Starting a Window Cleaning Business With £100

A small budget will limit the type of equipment you may choose from, but some of the world's biggest businesses have come from humble beginnings, and many Window Cleaning businesses thrive today using simple tools.

A Window Cleaning Business can pick up a simple Window Cleaning Traditional Set for around £100, and by all means with this kit you are ready to begin a business. 

Whilst there are a number of kits that fall within this bracket, none are more popular than our Window Cleaning Warehouse Starter Kit.

Window Cleaning Starter Kit

What's in the Window Cleaning Starter Kit

This starter kit includes a combination of Window Cleaning Warehouse products and products from the Unger ErgoTec® Collection. 

Unger are the most trusted name in traditional Window Cleaning tools, and the ErgoTec® collection represents their long-standing, tried & tested hand tools. The build quality & trusted name is what led us to include them in what is now our most popular traditional starter kit.  

In this kit:

Additional Equipment To Consider

Whilst the above kit covers you for the necessities, there are a few additional items you may wish to consider. Below we've highlighted some of the most popular: 

Angle Adapter

The Unger Angle Joint connects between the pole and the squeegee/washer and allows you to adjust the angle at which you clean. When dealing with deep sills or awkward windows, this can help you maintain consistent pressure on the squeegee and provide a perfect finish every time. 


When cleaning windows a general-purpose detergent is best used to provide a perfect finish, the Unger Liquid is well suited for the task and is particularly suited to use with Unger products. This detergent is available in 1 Litre or 5 Litre bottles and is simply diluted with water.

For deep cleaning or removing particularly stubborn dirt, you may wish to look at some of our more specific soaps, chemicals, and detergents. Our guide to detergents outlines what we have available and when you may need it! 

Additional Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths come in a few shapes and sizes, some of which are best suited to absorbing extra water and some to provide a perfect finish. Our guide to detailing cloths highlights the varying cloths available.


Head to our Starting a Window Cleaning Business Hub for more helpful guides