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Why Microfibre Cloths are Essential for Your Business

Microfibre cloths have long been held in high regard for cleaning purposes.

Providing you keep them clean, microfibre cloths will continue cleaning hygienically! In fact, a study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection concluded that the use of microfibre cloths effectively removed a host of bacteria on a range of surfaces, even those found in the clinical environment.

Microfibre cloths are the preferred choice for businesses in all industries. 

You’ll notice a few types of microfibre cloths in our store, these vary according to the GSM (density of the cloth), and the type of weave found in the material. Each has its benefits, check out our guide to detailing cloths for a product by product breakdown, specifically for use in Window Cleaning.  

Take a look at our range of Microfibre Cloths.

Regular Cleaning of Microfibre Cloths 

Cleaning your microfibres is crucial. Though it’s tempting to leave them dry hanging in the back of your van and use them again the following week, doing so runs the risk of 3 things:

1) Contamination

2) A poor finish on the window

3) Letting something set-in that will be more difficult to clean later on.

Fortunately, cleaning microfibre cloths is relatively simple. For day to day removal of dirt picked up through general cleaning, you can wash your microfibre cloths in a washing machine.

Most high-quality microfibre cloths are machine washable up to 500 times, however when doing so, be sure to follow the guidelines below: 

  • Wash only with other microfibre cloths, do not wash with other materials to avoid getting lint in the microfibre)
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Set wash to a warm setting. Some heat is required to break down dirt and grime on the towel
  • Use an extra rinse cycle, if your washer allows it. This ensures all detergent is rinsed from the towel
  • Machine dry if preferred, use a low heat setting (again, no fabric softener). Alternatively, air-dry them but be careful not to contaminate the microfibre cloths with lint or dirt when doing so.

Sanitising Your Microfibre Cloths

Sanitising your microfibre cloths is vitally important, as this type of cleaning cloth is excellent at collecting germs and bacteria from the surfaces they clean. Whilst the above cleaning guidelines are suitable for day to day dirt and grime picked up when Window Cleaning, if you are using Microfibre cloths to deep clean or sanitise surfaces, one means to sanitise them is by boiling them.

To do so, use the checklist below: 

  1. Fill a large pot & bring to the boil
  2. Add approximately 1-2oz white vinegar (optional)
  3. Place the towers into the pot (do not overfill)
  4. Stir continuously, avoid letting the microfibre cloths rest too long
  5. After 90-120 seconds, remove the towels and rinse under cool water
  6. If there is visible staining still on the towel, wash per the above methods
  7. Empty and sanitise the pot.