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The Best Cloth to Clean Windows

Should you use a microfibre cloth to clean windows, or perhaps linen scrim? Maybe even just a classic dish cloth and if you've cleaned your windows for some time, perhaps you're still using a newspaper and some vinegar.

Window Cleaners & DIY'ers have a big selection of cloths to choose from, but which is the best to clean Windows?  

Microfibre cloths are by far the most popular choice by professional Window Cleaners, so it stands to reason that there's some serious benefits to using them. Generally a polyester/nylon blend, microfibre cloths are designed to be absorbent and attract dust and lint, leaving a perfect streak-free finish.

That said, there is variety even within the Microfibre options and so below we'll highlight some of the different cloths available, including scrim and newspaper pages! 


Precision Microfibre. 

Not overly absorbent but thin enough to get into every corner. These microfibre cloths are thin, very high quality, and sometimes come with corner pockets for abrasive cleaning. Use these as a 'finishing' or 'detailing' cloth for a perfect finish. 

Most Popular Precision Microfibre Cloths


Fishscale Microfibre

This distinctive weave creates extra surface area making them great for attracting dust and lint. They're also a bit thicker than other options making them really absorbent. This type of microfibre cloth is a great all rounder that balances heavy cleaning and the quality of the finish. 

Most Popular Fishscale Microfibre Cloths


Sill Cloths

Thick and absorbent but not ideal for applying a finishing touch. These are generally used to wipe up excess water, clean up plastics and frames. Sill cloths are smaller and at a great price point compared with other options. 

Most Popular Sill Cloths


Linen Scrim

Scrim is durable, and whilst it may feel thin and lightweight, is very absorbent and great for applying finishing touches. As it is washed the weave nits tighter together making it a fraction smaller but improving its performance as it ages. Some Window Cleaners swear by scrim but due to the higher cost and great performance of modern microfibre cloths, they have declined in popularity in recent years. 

Most Popular Scrim Cloths


Newspaper & Vinegar

If you're in a fix and need to clean your windows now - then by all means break out the vinegar. Generally speaking though, using some pro Window Cleaning tools will make the job easier and improve the finish. 

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