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Choosing an Extension Pole

First of all What is a Window Cleaning Extension Pole? 

Extension poles are telescopic poles used to clean windows at height, allowing you to use a squeegee and washer along with other tools to clean windows without using ladders. They differ from water fed poles that are used to deliver pure water through a brush (this method is known as the pure water method, more information this can be found in our Introduction to pure water Window Cleaning


Should I Choose an Aluminium Extension Pole?  

Extension poles are traditionally aluminium and have been around for a long time, though in recent years carbon fibre and carbon composite versions have been introduced. 

Aluminium is hard wearing and rigid but can be a little heavy and tends to get cold on your hands in the winter. 

Carbon fibre and carbon composite options are lightweight and more comfortable to hold, but they do come at a higher price point. 


Which Extension Pole Suits me? 

We've listed below our collection of extension poles along with the a brief description of the key features. 


The Unger OptiLoc

This is the most common extension pole in our range. It's an aluminium pole and comes in two or three section options at varying heights. This is an Unger product meaning it fits with all of the Unger collection of squeegees washers and other hand tools - particularly the distinctly green ErgoTec collection which has long been the favourite of Window Cleaners worldwide. 

The Unger OptiLoc™ includes a locking cone and twist-lock clamps as standard


Unger TelePlus™ Pole System

Very similar to the Optiloc™, the Teleplus™ system is an aluminium extension pole. the key difference is that the Teleplus™ comes in more options for height and up to five sections with optional extensions. 


Moerman® Extension Pole

Another popular aluminium extension pole but this time from Moerman®, to fit the Moerman® collection of washers, squeegees and other hand tools. This pole is commonly bought to use with the Excelerator swivelling handle, a popular squeegee from Moerman® 

The Moerman® Extension Pole includes a locking cone and twist-lock clamps as standard


FaceLift® Phantom Traditional Pole

Our first non aluminium pole, the Phantom Traditional Pole is a carbon composite (or 'Hybrid') pole meaning it is comfortable and lightweight. It's also the first pole in our list to not include twist-lock clamps. The Phantom pole features Phantom Clamps which are opened and closed with a lever. These clamps are taken from our best selling Phantom Water Fed Pole, and are designed to reliably reduce the wear and tear on the pole. 


Moerman® Takumi & Takumi Deluxe

The Moerman® Takumi poles are unique in as much as they're not circular. The shape is described as a flattened cylinder and this increases the stability with an anti-rotating effect. They also have unique push button clamps. 

The Takumi & Takumi Deluxe are similar poles made of different materials. The original Takumi is an aluminium pole, and the Deluxe version is a carbon composite. There are also difference in the the design, which are taken from the Carbonator, covered below. 


Moerman® Carbonator

A lightweight pole and the only in this list that is 100% carbon fibre. Moerman® have designed the Carbonator with push button clamps and round sections. There are three sizes available with the highest reaching 25 feet and you can even use this pole with your pure water system.
The Carbonator is a high end pole and suited to those looking for something equal parts lightweight, comfortable and strong.