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Starting a Window Cleaning Business with £1000

Spending somewhere in the region of £1000 will allow you to consider a van mounted Window Cleaning system (not sure what this is? take a look at our Introduction To Van Mounted Systems). 

Van mounted systems are often considered the gold standard for Window Cleaning equipment, as they allow you to purify, store & deliver water directly to your water-fed pole, all from one unit. A van mounted system will essentially allow you to operate your entire business from the back of your van.

There are a number of van mounted systems available, however by far the most popular over the past few years is the FaceLift® Compact series, which has led to us creating the all-inclusive FaceLift® Compact Starter Kit.

FaceLift Compact Starter Kit

Facelift® Compact Starter Kit (325 Litre) - £1050 + VAT (£1260 Inc VAT)


What's in The Kit

The Facelift® Compact Starter Kit allows you a choice of system capacity (325 or 425 Litre), pole size (22ft or 30ft) and hose reel option (powered or manual). Highlighted here is the 325 Litre option, with a 22ft pole (hybrid) and manual hose reel. 

How Does it Work 

The Facelift® Compact system is able to purify and deliver water. The system itself is fitted with a DI vessel (unsure of types of filtration, check out our article Types of Filtration Explained). This means you simply fill the tank through the lid from any water source, and as the water is pumped out to the pole, it passes through the DI vessel and is purified. 

Facelift® Compact DI Vessel & Clamp

As the hose reel is mounted to the Facelift® Compact tank, day to day operation simply consists of turning the system on and connecting your water-fed pole.

Installing the Facelift® Compact system

Included in the price of the starter kit is free delivery within the UK. This item requires pallet delivery (more information on this delivery here). The unit is fitted to a pallet using four brackets. These brackets are how also how you fit the unit to the floor of the vehicle. The brackets will need to be bolted to the floor of the vehicle in the same locations as when delivered. 

Please note we do not recommend fitting any vehicle-mounted tank with strapping or any other form of temporary fixing. 

Window Cleaning Warehouse Install Service 

WCW has depots in South Wales and Liverpool, where install may be arranged of any van mounted system. We also work with a number of third-party service centres around the country that are able to offer an installation service on our behalf. Should this be a preferable route, get in touch and we can advise how best to arrange this.   



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