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An Introduction to Van Mounted Systems

An Introduction to Van Mounted Systems

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What is a Van Mounted Window Cleaning System? 

In the simplest terms, a van mounted window cleaning system is a purpose built system that facilitates your entire business functioning from the back of your van. There are many variations of the van mounted system but generally speaking, a complete system allows you to purify, store and deliver water for window or exterior cleaning.

You’ll notice this type of pure water cleaning system also go by the names; Water Fed System, water fed cleaning system, water fed pole system, van mounted pole system, pole cleaning system.

Check out a few of our Van Mounted Systems

There are a variety of Van System configurations. Whilst van mounted systems come in many shapes and sizes, the systems pictured above are all based on the Phoenix 4 stage RO/DI, and is the most widely distributed system in the UK currently. It’s used by businesses of all size, from sole proprietors to country-wide facilities management companies.

The FaceLift® Phoenix System is designed to function as simply as possible, offer all the functionality necessary for the modern Window Cleaner and unlike similar systems on the market, keep the components hidden away and protected from damage.

Van Mounted Systems are the most popular form of pure water window cleaning system for the simple reason that they offer the most convenience with excellent functionality, though that doesn’t necessarily make a van mount the right option for everyone. See this article: Which Pure Water System is Right For Me? Being able to purify, store and deliver water to and from the same tank is usually the ideal scenario for owner/operator type businesses.

Variations of Van Mounted Systems

Before pulling the trigger on a van mounted system, there are a few decisions you need to make regarding its specification. It’s worth spending some time considering what would be your best option (or speaking to a member of our team) as you don’t want to find yourself needing to upgrade 6 months down the line.

The first thing you need to decide on is if you’d like the system to include filtration or not. If not, you’ll need to find an alternative means to purify water. This is often the case with multi-vehicle businesses that have one filtration unit (usually stored at an industrial unit or property) that fill multiple vans each day.  As they do not need filtration fitted to every vehicle, this type of business would look for what we define as a ‘delivery only system’.

If you need the system to cover all basis, and include filtration, the next decision is; Which type of filtration do you require - RO/DI or DI only? Find out the benefits of each: HERE

Having decided which type of filtration best suits your situation, you need to decide how many operators will be working from the system (Most systems are setup for one or two operators) and this will largely determine the answer to the next question; what capacity of system do you require?

The capacity of a system is categorized by the volume of water it holds but it’s not simply a case of the more water the merrier as vehicles are limited not only by the amount of weight they can carry but also the space available for use. Knowing the payload of your vehicles is vital before pulling the trigger on a van mounted system.

Where To Go Next

Explore these articles to help You decide which van mounted system is Your Best Option:

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