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Do You Need Qualifications to be a Window Cleaner?

The short answer is no. 

The long answer is also no, but with a caveat. 

Most Window Cleaners are self employed, or so our research suggests, which means that there's more required to be a Window Cleaner than simply cleaning windows. 

The cleaning technique can be picked up with practice, either through helpful videos and some trial and error on your own windows - or a few weeks working with an experienced cleaner.

You won't know everything of course, but it's enough to get started. 

Whilst you learn the basics of cleaning, we recommend sinking some time into learning how to manage a business and your taxes.

This step-by-step from covers how to get yourself setup for self employment. There's also some useful links on starting a business. 

It's worth getting to grips with this early on, and keeping accurate records from the start.

Otherwise 12 months down the line you'll be doing your first set of self assessment tax returns and wasting time digging out lost receipts and expenses. Tax returns can be a daunting tax if you're unprepared but once you're familiar with the process it's super simple. 

Our Starting a Window Cleaning Business hub covers the specifics of Window Cleaning from a business perspective - specifically aimed to startups. Below are a few of the more popular articles: 

- How to start a Window Cleaning Business

- How to reliably pick up Customers

- What Insurance do you need for your business

- Choosing equipment to suit your budget

- Taking Cashless payments & software

So no, returning to the original question, there are no qualifications needed to get started and this is one of the things that makes Window Cleaning a great business - it's a level playing field with little barriers to entry.

But there are difficulties associated with the job, some of which include the Great British weather, and others the challenge of being your own boss. 

If you go at it with a studious mindset and a good amount of work ethic, the world is your oyster!