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A Guide To Water Fed Poles

Perhaps the most important decision as a Pure Water Window Cleaner is ensuring you get the right pole, as this will be the piece of equipment in your hands all day, every day. 

Don't be tempted to think that they all perform the same task - choosing the right pole can help you work more effectively, reduce the load on your back and shoulders, and improve the product you're delivering (namely, spotlessly clean windows). 

Time is money and if you can deliver better results in less time, any investment will quickly pay for itself

So let's get down to brass tacks, the primary differences between all poles can be boiled down to differences in the material, the clamping system, and the size either collapsed or extended. Let's explore these further.

Pole Materials

Water Fed Poles are generally composed of the following materials - Each have their own unique benefits. 


Aluminium poles are very sturdy, and extremely hard wearing, but can be heavy when compared with alternatives. For this reason, they lend themselves perfectly for domestic usage. Generally, they are limited to 25 or 30ft, as they become very difficult to control above this height. These are a great starting pole as the price point on these is lower than alternatives.

Check out the FaceLift® Renegade and Unger nLite® connect Aluminium Poles

Glass Fibre

Glass Fibre poles are light weight, and come at a great price point, but can be a little more flexible than other options at full extension. For this reason, these poles are ideal for use up to 22ft, as above this the flexibility makes them difficult to work with. These poles are perfect for somebody looking for an inexpensive pole, but also not wanting the weight associated with Aluminium poles. 

Check out the FaceLift® Phoenix MkII Glass Fibre Poles 

Hybrid or Carbon Composite

Hybrid poles are a mix of materials, generally with around 50% being carbon fibre. They are designed to offer some of the benefits of a full carbon fibre pole, but without the full cost. Hybrid poles are more sturdy than a glass fibre, and lighter than aluminium poles.

Generally hybrid poles are heavier than carbon fibre but lighter than glass fibre and are priced between the two also. Hybrids are our best selling 'every-day' pole, perfect for cleaning domestic or commercial properties up to 30ft. Hybrid poles strike the fine balance between cost and benefits, which makes them very popular, particularly for new Window Cleaning businesses.

Check out the FaceLift® Phantom Hybrid and FaceLift® Phoenix MkII Hybrid Poles 

Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre is the gold standard of telescopic pole, they are equal parts robust, rigid & lightweight.  The average price point is higher than the aforementioned poles, but once you've used a carbon fibre pole, you'll struggle to go back. Carbon fibre is recommended for use up to 50ft, and is especially important if you are using the pole all day, every day. 

Light, robust poles relieve a lot of the strain on your body caused by cleaning at height with a water-fed pole. It's common to hear veteran Window Cleaners advise to invest in a carbon fibre pole right from day one. 

Check out the FaceLift® Phantom Carbon and FaceLift® Phoenix MkII Carbon Poles

HiMod and Ultra HiMod Carbon Fibre

These are specialist cleaning poles, they are extremely lightweight and rigid. Hi-Mod & Ultra Hi-Mod water-fed poles are made from high-grade carbon fibre, with a narrower pole thickness, this allows the pole to remain incredibly rigid, with reduced weight.

If available in your budget, you won't beat these poles for efficiency and can be used at anything from up to 70ft, not to mention the reduced strain it puts on your body - Your shoulders and back will thank you in the long run! 

Check out the FaceLift® Phantom HiMod and Unger nLite® connect HiMod Poles

Pole Clamping Systems

The clamping system is really what differentiates one brand or model of poles from the next. Almost all brands will have the above material options available, and whilst section lengths and diameters can make a difference, none will have as profound an effect as the clamping system.

We have a collection of pole and clamp types to look through, in both the Unger nLite® and FaceLift® brands. However, the real game-changer in this respect is our unique FaceLift® Phantom water fed pole design.

This pole clamp was designed from the ground up to reduce the wear and tear your pole experiences, whilst also delivering unparalleled clamping power & grip.

Currently our FaceLift® Phantom range of water fed poles are our best sellers - by a long shot! 

Take a Look at Squeeky Clean Dave's Review of Our Phantom Pole After 3 Months of Use
Shop All FaceLift® Phantom Water Fed Poles

Pole Sizes

The size of pole you require is largely going to be dictated by the type of work you require it for. Most domestic work is done on the ground and first floor, and so a pole reaching 18-22 feet is ideal, with a collapsed length of approximately 5ft.

By comparison, you may have a lot of commercial work at 30,40 or even 50ft - these will require a better standard of material and a few more extendable sections. Though it isn't an exact measurement, if you consider each floor to be 10ft, you can estimate the height you need to reach.

Now you may be tempted to think that it's best to get the biggest pole possible so that you are covering all bases, but in reality, cleaning a 20ft property with a 50ft pole is difficult, time-consuming and extremely energy sapping - we generally advise to have a specialist high reach pole that covers the 5% of your work that requires high reach equipment, then perhaps a 'day-to-day' pole that covers the other 95% of your work (generally 18-22ft). 

Head back to the Starting a Window Cleaning Business Hub to find more information.

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