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Unger nLite® PowerPad

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The nLite® PowerPad is the ideal tool both for convinced users of pure water cleaning and for those who want to discover pure water technology for themselves. Available in widths of 35 and 45 centimetres, the pioneering innovation from the quality brand Unger heralds a new era for cleaning with pure water on the ground floor – the market leader is once again causing a real revolution!

The technological innovations in detail:

1. The microfibre cleaning pad

The microfibre cleaning pad of the new Unger nLite® PowerPad has a larger contact area on the glass and cleans faster and more effectively than any brush. The advantage: The cleaning pad removes dirt better and faster! The highly effective microfibres glide easily over the glass surface and guarantee a streak-free result. And the cleaning pad even cleans itself: This cleaning effect happens because the Rinse Bar integrated into the nLITE® PowerPad constantly rinses it with pure water.

2. The 360° Swivel

Thanks to its 360° Swivel, the nLite® PowerPad is extremely flexible. Whether to the left, right, up or down: Due to this technological advantage, the innovative tool is permanently in contact with the glass surface in every working position – even when working from the side. This prevents streaks and smears and guarantees top cleaning results up to the height of the 1st floor.

Furthermore, thanks to the 360° Swivel, the nLite® PowerPad can be used easily and intuitively as a hand tool. Simply use the S-shaped movements of classic cleaning – in this way, even beginners in pure water technology will be successful right from the start. Thanks to the identical movement sequence, they achieve the best results without any training period.

2. The Rinse Bar Like many nLite® brushes, the nLite® PowerPad also has a Rinse Bar, a special rinsing nozzle bar that distributes the pure water evenly and over the full width of the microfibre pad and the glass surface to be cleaned. This rinses off the dirt and grime particularly powerfully and saves time.

3. Compatibility The new nLite® PowerPad is fully compatible with the water-fed nLite® pole system and the OptiLoc telescopic poles from the Unger professional brand. Pure water professionals and those who want to become one are therefore given full flexibility. This way, the step into the next pure water era is sure to succeed!

5 facts / The key facts at a glance:

  • The nLite® PowerPad is the recommendation of the professional brand Unger for the pure water cleaning of large glass surfaces on the ground floor
  • The durable microfibre cleaning pad has maximum contact area with the surface – for incredibly fast, effective and easy cleaning
  • 360° Swivel for mobility in all directions and permanent contact with the surface even with lateral movements
  • Rinse Bar with special nozzles for powerful rinsing across the entire width impresses both experienced pure water professionals and beginners
  • Compatible with the nLite® water-fed pole system and the OptiLoc telescopic poles from Unger
  • Includes 1 x nLite® Microfibre Cleaning Pad

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