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Unger HydroPower® Ultra S PowerPad starter kit




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A user friendly pure water cleaning kit featuring the all new nLite PowerPad. This kit includes everything needed to purify and clean windows safely from the ground. 

1. The nLite ® PowerPad

The microfibre cleaning pad of the new Unger nLite® PowerPad has a larger contact area on the glass and cleans faster and more effectively than any brush. The advantage: The cleaning pad removes dirt better and faster! The highly effective microfibres glide easily over the glass surface and guarantee a streak-free result. And the cleaning pad even cleans itself: This cleaning effect happens because the Rinse Bar integrated into the nLITE® PowerPad constantly rinses it with pure water. The nLite PowerPad can be used handheld or with the included pole. 

2. The  HydroPower™ Ultra S


The deionising HydroPower® Ultra produces 100% pure water instantly using an ion exchange process. It removes the minerals from tap water so it is ready to clean with. To use the filter, simply connect one side to your pole and the other to a water source.


3. The OptiLoc™ Pole

An Aluminium telescopic pole for Window Cleaning. The OptiLoc™ poles are a longstanding Window Cleaning favourite, suitable to fit most brands of washer and squeegee along with the included PowerPad. This pole includes an ergonomic, comfortable design with simple to use clamps that grip your hands even when wet.


Included in the kit:

  • HydroPower® Ultra S
  • OptiLoc 3-section telescopic pole 6m
  • DuroFlex hose 25m Ø 5/8 mm
  • nLite® PowerPad, 35 cm
  • nLite® Microfibre Cleaning Pad
  • 35 cm Water flow regulator for DLS25
  • 2 × hooks & loops strips
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