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PowerUP 3D

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Since the original PowerUP was released in 2014, many thousands of powered hose reels have been sold in the UK and across Europe.

Over time, A powered hose reel has gone from a costly luxury to a time-saving necessity and whilst the design has changed somewhat since the original, the core values behind the PowerUP reels remains the same. These are: 

Save Time 

Tasks such as reeling in hose provide no benefit or value as far as your customer is concerned, but can take up a significant portion of your day. Some residential Window Cleaners report spending up to an hour a day dealing with hoses, and this doesn't need to be the case. 

Saving an hour a day can give you that much needed extra time to canvass for new work, expand your business or simply have you home earlier to see your family. 

When considering ways to improve your profitability as a Window Cleaner, cutting down time spent on unnecessary manual labour is a good place to start. 


Reduce fatigue & Injury 

Your longevity in the business is directly linked with how you look after your body.

Since the introduction of water fed equipment there has been great developments in the design and production of this equipment, meaning the poles, brush heads & filtration systems you find today are a great deal improved from the floppy, fibreglass monsters of old.

The use of super rigid and lightweight Carbon Fibre in water fed poles has helped reduce the strain on a Window Cleaners musculature around the shoulder, neck & back. 

That said, whilst there have been great leaps in some areas, other areas remain largely unchanged.

Hose reels are one of those areas. Over a number of years,  the strain of winding in 100m of hose multiple times a day can take its toll, and it's tasks such as this that can contribute to fatigue and repetitive strain injuries. 

When considering ways to reduce the wear and tear on your body, cutting down time spent on unnecessary manual labour is a good place to start. 

Introducing PowerUP 3D

PowerUP 3D it not so much an update to the PowerUP HD Reel, as it is a complete redesign. 

The PowerUP HD is a widely adopted powered hose reel with thousands of them being used every single day.

The feedback from PowerUP HD users facilitated the production of a stronger, safer & more efficient powered hose reel - The PowerUP 3D. 


It's Not Just Torque

The PowerUP 3D is a unique low-torque, high-speed belt driven design, all of which is encased in a custom built composite housing with high-grade, zinc-plated, sealed bearings, perfectly suited to Window Cleaning hoses.

All of this ensures nothing but effortlessly smooth performance, highlighted by the silent, smooth operation that replaces the rattling and clunking you get with other reels.

Simple Installation

The PowerUP 3D arrives fully assembled, simply remove reel from its custom packaging, fix into place, connect the two ring terminals to your existing battery and you’re ready to push the button. Simply connect your choice of hose & wind it on to the reel.


Key features of New PowerUP 3D:

  • Composite reel Housing built for Durability & to remove the risk of corrosion

  • Chain Drive ensures efficiency 

  • All major components are enclosed, ensuring safe and effortless operation

  • All components are corrosion resistant

  • Easy fixing tabs for installation on many Window Cleaning systems

  • High grade stainless steel Inlet, capable of withstanding pressures of 4000psi

  • High grade stainless steel support bars add strength & act as hose guards

  • Heavy-duty zinc plated sealed bearings 

  • Bespoke 50a rated push button for simple operation

  • Connects to standard leisure battery

  • Emergency handle Included 





410mm x 510mm



Weight (Reel Only)



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