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HM Digital


In-Line TDS Meter

  • ​In-Line Dual Range TDS Meter 

    Highly Efficient & Accurate TDS Meter for Measuring Total Dissolved Solids in Part per Million (PPM)

    For Fast In-Line  Measurement Water Purity - Includes 1/4" Mur-lok® Quick-Connect T-fittings

    Displays TDS Levels of the Feed Water & Product Water with in & out Electrode Probes

    • Installs Quickly & Easily - Variable Mounting Bracket
    • Advanced Microprocessor Technology
    • Digital Calibration for Each Line
    • Auto-off Function -  Shuts off Automatically after 3 Minutes
    • Strong Water-Resistant Casing
    • Large Easy-to-Read LCD Display - Diagnostic Error Messages

    Improve Your Efficiency
    Know Precisely When to Change your Filters & Resin

    Measurement Range: 0-9990 PPM