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FaceLift® Caravan Cleaning Pole

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Take the hard work out of cleaning your caravan or motorhome with the FaceLift® Caravan Cleaning Pole. This water-fed cleaning pole is robust, hardworking and built to last, simply connect it to your garden tap and get cleaning in no time.

Unlike other cleaning poles on the market, this pole is designed using components used for professional exterior cleaning. 


Taking a closer look at:  

The Pole

The pole itself is telescopic and made from high-quality aluminium and includes the patented FaceLift® Phantom Clamps. These clamps are designed to provide unparalleled grip whilst removing the wear and tear found on domestic telescopic cleaning poles. The pole has a compact collapsed length for ease of use and storage, but may be extended to a total reach of 7ft/2m. 

Each pole also comes with an angle adapter, allowing you to change the angle at which the brush faces, to help with those difficult to clean areas.

The Base of every pole has a three-pronged rubber base cap. This protects the pole against incidental damage during use and storage and allows space for the hosing to move between, ensuring you do not damage or pinch the hose during use. 

The Brush Head

The brush head is made from sturdy plastic with a (red) silicone protective ring. The protective ring stops the brush head from causing any marking or damage should it accidentally come into contact with the surface being cleaned. 

The brush head is finished with a moulded euro-style screw thread, allowing it to quickly be removed from the pole for cleaning and storage. The head is fitted with premium nylon flocked bristles, meaning you have enough scrubbing power to remove stubborn dirt, but it's delicate enough to clean the whole vehicle (including the glass) without causing damage. 

Each brush head is fitted with two pencil jets that spray water from the centre of the brush (see the product images/video for demonstration).

How It All Works

Using the FaceLift® Caravan Cleaning Pole couldn't be simpler. Simply connect up the hose to your garden tap/hose and away you go! Water will be delivered directly through the jets on your brush and you can get to work. See our video demonstration for a closer look at this.

If you're looking to remove stubborn dirt, combine this pole with our best selling cleaning agent FaceLift® RazrWASH


What's Included

1 x FaceLift® 7ft Telescopic Pole

1 x Brush Head

1 x 10m Black Pole Hose

1 x Male hose connector



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