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Window Cleaning Products for Hard Water Stains

Removing hard water stains can be a pain, be it on your windows, conservatory, shower screen or even the sink. It's often worse in city centres but it is simply caused by minerals in your water (normally calcium or magnesium) and so nowhere is completely untouched.

There are home-remedies that can be effective to some degree, these include white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, toothpaste, ammonia and we've even seen someone use vodka and coke - though perhaps they were solving a different problem.

But if you've got stubborn stains, particularly if they've been there a while, you'll need something better. 

Hiring a Window Cleaner is of course recommended, somebody with the right tools and the know-how will get that cleaned up in no time, and a regular service will help keep hard water stains at bay. But if its a bath or shower screen you're trying to sort out, you can do this yourself with a specific hard water cleaner. 

Unger RubOut provides that much needed extra cleaning power for hard water stains, limescale, rust stains and soap residues. Used with a non-abrasive pad, you can remove stubborn stains without scratching or damaging the glass. It's even useful for restoring worn out uPVC window frames and conservatories.

Using RubOut couldn't be simpler, put a pea sized amount of RubOut onto a sponge or cloth and buff in circles (for those old enough, think Mr Miyagi 'Wax On, Wax Off'). If the stain is particularly stubborn you may want to pick up some Walnut Wool (or other non-scratching pad).

Once scrubbed, rinse and dry the glass to see your handiwork and repeat as needed - et voilà, hard water stains dealt with! 

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unger rubout - Hard Water stain remover