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Choosing a Van System Alone or a Turnkey Solution?

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So you’ve done your due diligence and have decided that a van mounted Window Cleaning system is the right option for you, and you now know exactly what spec of system you need. The next question is, do you get the system alone, or take a look at our van & van system Turnkey packages?

Assuming that you don’t already have a vehicle, or are needing to look at changing your current vehicle, our turnkey packages could be the right option for you.  I’ve outlined the process of combining the vehicle and system package into four steps, but before you read through that, here are a few reasons why a turnkey package could be right for you:

Financing the equipment and vehicle together means you’re keeping capital in the business and not shelling out a huge amount all at once. This also means one, easy to track, monthly payment for all of your equipment and vehicle. If the name of the game is simplicity and convenience, it’s a no-brainer.

On top of that, having us do the leg work means that you don’t have to waste excess time searching for vehicles, searching for equipment, then purchasing each separately and having the vehicle off the road for a few days whilst the equipment is installed.

With a turnkey package, you simply pick up the key to a finished product, let us walk you through exactly how to use the equipment and then you’re on your way.

With regards the actual acquisition of the vehicle, we have a trusted vehicle provider that we have used for some time, and because of this we get great prices on most vans and the occasional inside track on pre-reg vehicles and, to top this off, we don’t make a penny on the vehicles, meaning we pass those great prices straight to you.

How The Turnkey Process Works

With transparency in mind, below we have outlined the entire process from start to finish of how we create our turnkey van mounted system packages and why it might be the right option if you’re looking at picking up a van mounted system.

Step 1 – The Conversation

The first step is getting in contact with us, either by the phone, social media or by dropping us an email.

You tell us what you need your system to do, what size van/ system you’d ideally like, and the budget you have to work within.   

Armed with the knowledge of what you’d like to get and what you have to spend, we’ll craft a few alternative packages for you to review. This is where the power is in your hands, we’ll talk you through the equipment and give you the low down of add-ons that you’ll want to consider, and ways you can maximise your output whilst keeping your costs down. This process is fully customisable – require something specific? Just let us know and we can factor that in.

Step 2 – The Follow Up

Once you’ve decided on a package,we’ll pass you on to the people that handle the finances; they’ll run credit checks and explain everything you’ll need to know about making the payments for your van & system. To a degree this process is customisable also. Want a larger deposit to keep your monthly payments down or vice versa? This can be arranged.

Step 3 – Giving the Go-ahead

Once you’re decided on a system/van package and a payment structure, you give the go-ahead and we’ll get to work. We’ll arrange a date for you to pick up the finished product and the rest is done for you. Of course we’ll keep in contact but once the go ahead is given, you leave it all in our hands and we arrange the delivery of the vehicle to ourselves, the manufacture of the system to your spec and install into the vehicle.

Step 4 – The hand over

The Final step is actually picking up the finished Van! Having arranged the pickup date, you simply make your way down and we’ll hand over the keys, though not without first giving you a walk through of how to use and care for your brand new kit and answering any questions that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is the Turnaround?

This can vary depending on availability, though we aim to get the entire process finished, from first phone call to handing over the keys in 14-21 days.

Are Turnkey Options Only for New Vehicles?

Yes, we can only provide new vehicles through our vehicle partner Think Vans. We can sometimes offer pre-registered vehicles which offer great value for money.

Should this not be the avenue for you, we also offer an install service of our equipment into a vehicle you own or buy elsewhere. 

What if My System Stops Working?

As with any industrial equipment,there may be mishaps from time to time. As a part of Window Cleaning Warehouse, we pride ourselves on having one of the best aftercare teams in the business and it can’t hurt knowing you have the UK’s largest provider of Window Cleaning equipment in your corner.

There are Options for a Range of Budgets

We customise everything to get the most of the budget you have available and have a range of payment structures, meaning there is something for everyone.

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