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Uni-Valve Fitting Guide

Installing the Uni-Valve

The Uni-Valve is the most used control valve in the industry, I'm sure you're going to love it. Below is some information regarding fitting the valve, it should only take a few minutes and take it from us, it will make a profound difference to your working day.

Fitting the Uni-Valve is simple, but there is a common mistake to avoid. Follow our step by step below.


Step 1. Before fitting the valve, it's worth checking to be sure the Uni-Valve fits your pole - as this may not be the case with all brands/ models. If you have FaceLift Phoenix or Phantom poles, then you can be sure the Uni-Valve will fit. 

To fit the Uni-Valve you will need 3 x 5mm O-Clips (this may vary if you have a reinforced pole hose)


Step 2. The simplest way to fit the Uni-Valve is to remove the top insert to your pole, pull a length of hose out and cut here, this will allow the Uni-Valve to sit comfortably in the top section of the pole. 

*Depending on your model of pole, you may need to remove the top clamp also. 

Fitting a uni-valve to a Phantom Window Cleaning pole
Fitting a uni-valve to a Phantom Window Cleaning pole

Step 3. Sleeve the hose either side of the Uni-Valve, ensuring the trigger (small grey section) faces towards the base of your pole. When doing so, ensure the sleeve does not go above the lip on the trigger, doing so will stop the valve from closing off completely. The image below helps illustrate this. 


Fitting a uni-valve to a Phantom Window Cleaning pole

Please Note: Fitting the hose too high on the trigger can stop the valve from correctly closing and it will appear to leak. This is the most common problem found when installing the valve and will void the warranty as it causes excess pressure to build and wear on the Uni-Valve O-Rings

Step 4. Insert the Uni-Valve into the pole, but before connecting the hose to your brush head, place the remaining 5mm O-Clip at the very top and clamp lightly to hold it in place on the hose. This will give you the leverage to switch the valve on & off without disconnecting the hose from your brush head. 

Fitting a uni-valve to a Phantom Window Cleaning pole


Et Voila, you have a completed Uni-Valve Installation

Did You Know You can Repair damaged Uni-Valves?

Using the Uni-Valve Service kit, you can bring old and damaged Uni-Valves back to life within a few minutes. 

Follow this Uni-Valve Repair Video Guide