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The Benefits of Cleaning With Bronze Wool

August 28, 2019 2 min read

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There are times as a Window Cleaner, where your washer sleeve or water-fed brush simply aren't providing a deep enough scrub. Things like algae or lichen, pollen or insect marks or even years of dust and dirt build up to become a Window Cleaners worst nightmare. 


The difficulty is finding something that can give you that extra scrubbing power, without risking any damage to the glass. Here is where the bronze wool multi tools steps in.


The bronze wool multi tool fits to a standard water-fed pole angle neck (or the Phantom Precision Angle Adapter) and provides you a robust pad holder, complete with an ultra-fine bronze wool polishing cloth. 




The WCW bronze wool polishing cloth is a reusable, non-corroding, no-marring, multi purpose polishing and finishing cloth, combining the the proven cleaning performance of ultra fine bronze wool fibers with soft synthetic fibres in a composite textile. 


The final product achieves fantastic cleaning results, without damaging the surface - or leaving fibres behind and can be used on glass, metals, wood, conservatory plastics & uPVC, cladding & fascias.


When using the bronze wool adapter, we recommend the following: 

Glass: Can be used with or without a cleaning liquid to clean and polish glass surfaces. Excellent for internal or external glass, mirrors, shower stalls and other glass surfaces. 

Metal: Can be used with or without a cleaning liquid, can be used on brass, railings, fixtures as well as other decorative surfaces. The bronze wool removes the dull oxide layer without scratching, returning the surface to its former glossy glory. Bronze wool works even on soft metals such as aluminium or copper. 

Wood: Can be used with or without a cleaning liquid, and can be used with a spray or wax polish to provide the optimum sheen on all your wood surfaces including cabinets, furniture, baseboards, woodwork & paneling. 

Plastics: can be used with or without a cleaning liquid, to clean and polish surfaces. Be aware of protective films and coatings, test a small patch prior to completing the whole clean. 


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Please note: 

Bronze wool polishing cloths are not recommended for use on painted surfaces, steel frames & powder coated steel, and can be problematic if used on leaded windows & windows with a protective film/ coating. If you are unsure, testing the pad on a small area prior to completing the clean is advised. If using the pad for multiple projects, we recommend using a specific pad for glass & other materials, and not using a single pad interchangeably between glass, metals & woods. 

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