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Introducing nLite® Green Power Brush heads

Introducing the nLite® Green Power Brush heads from Unger, available with spliced or un-spliced bristles (flocked/unflocked). These brush heads are extremely well produced and have some fantastic features that when combined help you clean more efficiently.

One of the most notable features of the nLite® Green Power Brush heads is the rinse bar that is attached above the brush. This allows for the perfect amount of pure water to be delivered exactly where it is needed for a thorough rinsing of the cleaned surface. This means that you'll be able to clean your windows more effectively than ever before without needing to lift the brush away from the glass to effectively rinse.

As you scrub, the bristles break the surface tension which is then followed by the rinse as you work down the window - meaning even hydrophobic windows get a nice cascading rinse that removes all dirt and grime. This makes cleaning windows with a hydrophobic coating much more efficient and effective.


Another great feature of the nLite® Green Power Brush heads is the Soft Touch Bumpers. These soft plastic end pieces safeguard both the brush and the window frame while cleaning, enabling you to quickly clean without worrying about leaving marks or scratches on the corners and edges of the window. This helps to protect your windows and your cleaning equipment, making the cleaning process more efficient and less costly.

The Swivel Lock feature is another great addition to the nLite® Green Power Brush heads. This feature allows you to clean faster and more precisely than ever before, even reaching tight corners at height. The brush can work fixed in place, or with an open swivel which can freely move through 180 degrees, enables an S-shaped movement that covers the entire surface for a thorough clean. This feature not only improves the cleaning efficiency but also expands the work area, meaning you can rotate the brush into tight corners at awkward angles.

Overall, the nLite® Green Power Brush heads from Unger are an excellent addition to any window cleaning arsenal. Their features make cleaning more efficient and effective, and the Soft Touch Bumpers and Swivel Lock feature help protect both your windows and your cleaning equipment.

So, if you are looking for an efficient, high-quality window cleaning brush, the nLite® Green Power Brush heads from Unger are definitely worth considering.