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Hot Water System FAQ's

Here are some of the most common questions we receive regarding our hot water systems. 

How is a hot water system Powered/ fuelled?

Our hot water systems are powered by an external leisure battery (120ah) which is provided with each system, but they are fuelled with diesel which can be obtained in either of the following ways. 

Firstly, we can connect the hot water system to the vehicles fuel tank. Alternatively we can fit a separate fuel tank into the back of the vehicle - this is the preferred option. 

What are the differences between the option with and without the hot air blower?

The hot air blower circulates warm air around the back of the vehicle protecting anything in the vehicle from frost. Without this option, hot water is circulated around the system but items such as poles, hose reels, along with other ancillaries are not protected. 

Both options are operated from a frost-stat which kicks in when the temperature dips below 5 degrees. 

How does the hot water system work? 

The water is heated through a heat exchanger as the water exits the system, meaning you can turn the system on and quickly receive warm water (give it 60 seconds or so). There's no means to store the warm water, it takes the water from the tank out to the pole via the heat exchanger. 

What brand is the heater? 

The heater components are all Webasto, a trusted brand for high quality parts across a number of sectors. 

Can I have my hot water system serviced? 

There is no scheduled servicing such as may be recommended with new vehicles, but there are some basic checks that are required and will be explained further upon handover of your equipment. These checks are simple to perform and if you're ever in need of assistance we're at the end of the phone to help out. 

Is the warranty valid if fitted by myself

The warranty is valid against manufacturer defects be it fitted by our team or by yourself. There is no reason why you would not be covered providing that everything is installed correctly and no modifications are made. 

Of course, in an ideal world you can forget the warranty even exists and work away with trust in your equipment. In this regard we recommend having your equipment professionally installed and tested.


Get in touch if you have any questions not covered above.