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Finding the right Water Tank

For many industries, water tanks are a necessity but choosing the right one can be made easier with a brief understanding of the different options available. Whilst this is composed for Window Cleaners, we're confident the information below will help anyone in the market for a water tank. 

A baffled water tank is an excellent choice when it comes to water storage. However, selecting the right type - upright or flat - and the tank colour can significantly impact the functionality and effectiveness of your water storage system. In this article, we will guide you through the decision-making process, ensuring you make an informed choice that aligns with your specific requirements.


1. What is a Baffled Water Tank?

A baffled water tank is designed with internal partitions (baffles) that help reduce the movement of water within the tank. This design is particularly beneficial for transporting water, to stop the water moving from one side to another and maintain stability in vehicles. Baffled tanks also prevent sloshing, improving safety during transport.

All of the tanks available on our online store include baffles.  

2. Upright vs. Flat Tanks

The choice between an upright or flat baffled water tank largely depends on your available space and intended application.

- Upright Water Tanks: These tanks stand vertically and are ideal for situations where space is limited, like in compact storage areas or narrow vehicles. Upright tanks are also preferred when you need to access water from the top, making them suitable for rainwater harvesting systems or industrial settings.

- Flat Water Tanks: On the other hand, flat water tanks, which lay horizontally, are perfect for situations where space is not an issue. Some even fit a false floor above them for additional storage in a unit or van. These tanks have a lower profile, making them suitable for vehicles with lower clearance, or if you want a low centre of gravity for added stability.

When choosing between an upright or flat baffled water tank, always consider the space you have available and how you plan to access and utilise the stored water.

3. The Significance of Tank Colour

The colour of your baffled water tank might seem like a minor detail, but it can impact both the tank's functionality and its surroundings. Here are a few considerations:

- Sunlight Exposure: If your tank will be exposed to direct sunlight, opt for a tank with a dark colour like black or green. Dark colours absorb heat, which can help prevent the growth of algae inside the tank, maintaining water quality.

Particularly for Window Cleaning systems where the door is often open and sunlight is regularly on the tank, we recommend a black or dark coloured tank. 

- Visibility: In some cases, it's essential to have a tank colour that makes it easily visible, such as in emergency situations or industrial settings. But even more simple than this, a white tank means you can often see the water level without moving the lid - helpful for when you're purifying water. 


4. Van Mounted Tanks

Within the Window Cleaning industry, a popular means to work is to have a tank mounted into your vehicle, which can connect a pole and brush to clean with (more on this on our introduction to pure water cleaning). 

With this in mind, not all tanks are suitable to be van mounted. 

Firstly, baffling is a necessity for any tank that is not completely fixed in place. The baffling (covered briefly above) reduces the movement of the water within the tank to avoid it sloshing around as you steer. 

Secondly, a vehicle mounted system will require fixing in place, ratchet straps are not enough, and this is where many classic water tanks fall down. If you already own a tank of this type, can you use this crash-tested stainless steel tank cage to secure the tank in place. 

There is of course also the option to buy a complete van mounted system, with everything required to run a Window Cleaning business, and we can even install it for you - check out our available Van Mounted Systems