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How to Choose the Right Couplings for You

Not sure what hose couplings to go? Not sure what the differences are between the types?

Well, it goes without saying the most important thing is making sure the couplings you choose are firstly compatible with each other, and compatible with any existing couplings you may have. 

When it comes to choosing hose couplings, here are a few things that we think are important to remember:

  • When buying hose, the sizes are always measured according to the internal diameter or the hose (ID).

  • Series 21 and Series 26 couplings are not compatible, but in photos they look very similar! 

What are Male & Female Couplings?

Male and female couplings are two parts that allow you to connect two hoses together. 

A male coupling, sometimes referred to as a plug, generally pushes into the female coupling, sometimes referred to as the jack or receptacle.

Male and female couplings are only compatible with other couplings of the same type. For example, if you use Series 21 couplings, all female and male couplings within the Series 21 collection will be compatible, but you cannot connect a Series 21 male with a Hozelock, Slick Connect or Series 26 female. 

Female couplings often have a valve in them, meaning water will not flow unless the male couplings is plugged in - this is useful in conserving water and stopping your van from getting wet! 


How Do I Know What Size I Need?

Choosing the size may look confusing on the face of it, but it's actually very simple. Each style of coupling can be bought in a number of sizes, most commonly 6mm, 8mm or 12.5mm (sometimes referred to as 1/2''). The size simply refers to the tail on the coupling and therefore the hose that it fits. 

For example, if you purchase male and female Series 21 couplings to connect your pole hose to your hose reel - then an appropriate size may be;

Male coupling - 6mm (to fit your 5mm or 6mm pole hose)

Female coupling - 6mm or 8mm (to fit your 6mm or 8mm hose reel)

Common sizes to remember: 

Garden Hose - 12.5mm (or 1/2'')

100m Window Cleaning Hose Reels - 6mm or 8mm

Pole hose - 5mm or 6mm

Below are our four options for hose couplings, and some examples of when they are most commonly used.

Popular Types of Coupling

Here are our four available types of coupling;

Slick Connect

The first and only coupling designed specifically for Window Cleaning. The Slick Connect are a lightweight but robust plastic coupling that incorporate a bayonet (push and twist) type of connection. This, along with the protective sleeve, makes them incredibly hard wearing and simple to use. 

The couplings also feature a tapered design which makes them very resistant to snagging as you go about your day-to-day work. 

They are quickly becoming a "must-have" product in the Industry.

Read the reviews for yourself and shop Slick Connect Couplings Here



This type of coupling will fit with the consumer products found in most hardware stores (such as B&Q), this means they can quickly connect with other types of hosing and couplings that you might find in your garden, including most standard garden tap fittings. They are commonly found on Window Cleaning starter kits because of this. 

Hozelock compatible fittings can be found in 6mm, 8mm or 12.5mm (1/2'') sizes of male coupling, and 8mm or 12.5mm (1/2'') sized couplings on the female side.

Shop Hozelock compatible Couplings Here

Series 21

The most common couplings found in Window Cleaning, the Series 21 couplings, sometimes known as 'rectus 21' or 'EZ Snap', are quick-release couplings suitable for 6mm or 8mm hose. 

These couplings are most commonly used to connect your pole hose up to your hose reel, backpack, or other water source. They are available to purchase as standard male and female couplings, or with a tap included. 

Shop Series 21 Couplings Here

Series 26

Very similar to the Series 21 couplings, the Series 26 (also known as Rectus 26), are robust quick-release couplings, but are a good bit chunkier than the Series 21. This makes them suitable for hoses as large as 12.5mm (1/2''), as well as the usual 6mm and 8mm hoses. These couplings are commonly found on van-mounted systems, and on bumper-mounted ports. 

Shop Series 26 Couplings Here