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Choosing a Window Cleaning Trolley

The job doesn't always call for huge tanks and an endless supply of water. Trolleys offer a convenient way to deliver pure water in areas that are otherwise difficult to access. They can be super useful in tight spaces or even public spaces with no accessible parking. 

Trolleys come in all shapes and sizes, and are inexpensive when compared with other pure water systems. Particularly when getting started, a trolley is an ideal way to break into pure water window cleaning without breaking the bank, but when it comes to choosing the right Window Cleaning trolley for you - where do you begin? 

In this guide, we will delve into the key factors to consider when choosing a window cleaning trolley. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, there's a trolley to suit your circumstances.


Size & Capacity

Size and capacity in a Window Cleaning Trolley makes a big difference to how mobile it is. We recommend between 20 and 30 Litres for domestic Window Cleaning, anything larger and it becomes difficult to manoeuvre in tight spaces and heavy to lift in and out of a vehicle. This is not nearly enough water for a whole working day so you will need to keep additional water with you. Products such as the Pure Freedom Nano utilise the classic 25L water drum so you can easily reload in seconds by keeping pre-filled additional containers in your vehicle. 


Larger trolleys can fit 50-70 Litres but these are designed to stay on a single commercial site or to move around without water. the weight and size make them more difficult to manoeuvre around domestic properties. The FaceLift® Trojan is a great option for a larger trolley that can hold 60 litres of tap water and purify on demand, perfect for commercial work or large buildings. 

A trolley's design will also be something to consider as it will effect how you transport and store it. A collapsing handle will assist with storage and a taller unit will have a higher centre of gravity that may be simpler to move but prone to tipping over in transport. None of these are major positives or negatives on their own but it's worth considering your own circumstances and how the trolley will fit.  


Durability and Construction 

Durability is key when it comes to investing in cleaning equipment, and window cleaning trolleys are no exception. Look for trolleys constructed from high-quality materials like Steel either powder coated or stainless if you want products that are going to stand the test of time.

The size of the battery and pump are going to play a major role in the items lifespan, products such as the Pure Freedom Nano feature a pump that rivals what you will find in a full size van system, and includes a high quality lithium-ion battery, meaning for a compact unit it really packs a punch! Of course cost is always going to play a part in choosing equipment and invariably the better the quality of materials and components, the more an item is going to cost. Finding the balance is key. 

If you're looking to really keep the cost down, the WCW 35 Litre Trolley or BigBoy II - 22 Litre backpack are a fantastic low-cost means to get started. 


Additional Features

Some trolleys will include filtration, radio controllers, collapsing handles, pole storage and various other things. Check the product listings and videos for a comprehensive overview of each item before making your final decision, and if you're struggling to choose, feel free to get in touch with our customer support team for product advice.

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