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A Guide To the Phantom Precision Angle Adapter

The Precision Angle Adapter takes over from the standard euro screw thread adapters that are so commonly found on Window Cleaning poles. 


It serves a similar purpose - to allow the pole operator to adjust the angle that the brush approaches the glass from the pole - however it does so with some distinct benefits.

The first thing you'll notice about the Precision Adapter is that there is no screw thread, on either end. The insert simply drops into the top of your pole,  replacing two components - The pole insert & the screw thread style angle adapter. The adapter is then attached firmly to the brush head with a robust parachute clip, which requires no springs or mechanisms to operate. 

The Precision Angle Adapter insert has distinct spines on either side, that line up with the Phantom pole clamps to secure the adapter in place. For use with poles other than the Phantom range, the insert simply drops into the top of the pole and can be held in place by the clamp.

The parachute clip & clamp spines ensure the pole is locked securely in place, and will not spin or loosen whilst you're cleaning - which can be problematic for screw thread adapters. The starter kit includes two pole inserts, a size 0 and a size 1 - for those who drop the top section from their pole to improve rigidity. 

Adjusting the angle on the Precision Adapter is done with a single lever, which when closed holds the male clip in place, the male clip has 3'',6'' & 9'' options, that can quickly be changed to increase/ decrease the length of the adapter. 

Purchasing the Phantom Precision Angle Adapter can be done in individual components, however, the simplest method is to pick up the Phantom Precision Angle Adapter Starter Kit. 

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