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Unger ErgoTec® Limited Edition Ninja Complete Squeegee




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Powerful, effective and merciless - these unique professional products will equip you in the daily fight against stubborn dirt on glass.

And, as should be the case for all real heroes, THE NINJA also has the right outfit!

In elegant black and vibrant green, even from a distance the Limited Edition shows what it is made of!

  • Includes Unger Soft Rubber
  • 40° Fixed Angle Handle
  • 180° Pivoting Grip
  • TriLoc Channel Lock Mechanism
  • Locking end clips

40° Handle Option - Available in 14" and 18" Sizes

Locks Securely to ErgoTec® Locking Cone

The Ninja tools represent Ungers premium collection of traditional Window Cleaning tools, with a number of features designed to ensure that Window Cleaners work quickly, provide a pristine finish every time, and have tools that feel comfortable in their hands all day, every day. 

Here's what sets the Ninja Squeegee apart:

Ergonomic Shape -  The hand tools are designed to perfectly fit in your hand and are made from high-quality anti-slip rubber for better comfort and perfect control.   

High-Tech T6 Aluminium -The Ninja channels are made from this material (also used in aircraft). It is Lightweight, durable, and strong. It does not bend, ensuring the user gets perfect pressure distribution at any angle and a streak-free clean. 

Swivel function - the hand tools include a swivel feature, that is perfect for pole work and hard-to-reach areas. The adjustable stainless steel screw to increase/decrease the swivel tension. The center position can also be fixed with the lock button

TriLoc Mechanism - This mechanism connects the channel and handle and allows quick and secure channel changes, along with repositioning - all in a few seconds. 

Locking SmartClips - This end clip secures the rubber in place, protects the glass and frames (in case of accidental contact), and creates a uniform tension across the channel, meaning you can maintain contact without needing excess pressure - providing nothing but a pristine finish every time. 


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