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Morclean ThermaSteam Cleaner

  • Trailer Mounted ThermaSteam Cleaner

    This is an exceptionally advanced machine, capable of removing chewing gum, paint and even graffiti, without the need for hazardous solvents or chemicals.

    Highly effective and exceedingly adaptable, this unit is fully self-contained and unparalleled in delivering astonishing end results.

    Soft Wash Process

    Using a unique ‘soft-wash’ process to remove unwanted substances, surfaces such as brick, concrete or stone remain unscathed by the constant stream of water. Therefore, the risk of stripes or patches is dramatically reduced, and surface damage or erosion is prevented.

    Reduced Water Consumption

    The machines water consumption rate is very low, consuming roughly one-third of the amount of water that a conventional jet wash would normally use, meaning that there is less wastewater to dispose of, or clear up.

    Increased running time

    Last, and by no means least, the machines impressive 500 litre tank means that you will no longer need to spend time refilling, nor will you need a cumbersome generator to run this unit in isolated settings. With a run-time of just over 1.5 hours, the ThermaSteam has an integral diesel tank and is entirely self-sufficient.
    For more information please call: 01446 749 060 or drop us an email!
  • Voltage:   230v/110v AC

    Flow Rate: 5 Litres/Min Inlet

    Engine Speed: 2500 Rev/Min

    Frequency: 50Hz

    Pump Pressure: 120 Bar

    Generator Output: 1.2Kw Max

    IP Rating: 23

    H x W x L: 1.3M x 1.6 M x 3.1 M

    Un-laden Weight: 560KG

    ThermaSteam Features

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