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The Retrospective Finance Scheme

Global circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have left Window Cleaners & other small businesses with growing concerns over maintaining enough cash flow to keep them through this uncertain period. Through lost contracts or other means, every small business will be affected in one way or another, with many wondering if and how they’re going to cover their costs in these coming weeks and months. 

This has affected us at Window Cleaning Warehouse, with a large portion of the staff now working remotely, leaving a select few to facilitate the day to day operations. 

We understand that businesses all over the UK are being affected adversely. Because of this, the Window Cleaning Warehouse team is constantly looking for ways that we can help our customers. We are currently looking to bring in sanitisation & cleaning products to cope with a growing demand for these items. We’re also looking to utilise equipment we currently supply & manufacture for use in industrial sanitising & cleaning. Keep an eye on our store over the next few days if this is something that may be of assistance to you. 

We’ve also been discussing possibilities with our partners Kennet Leasing, who have provided finance to Window Cleaning Warehouse customers for a number of years. We are pleased to open the following finance scheme in partnership with Kennet Leasing.


Introducing the Retrospective Finance Scheme.

This scheme allows customers to finance items already purchased, putting some cash back into your business, to help through this uncertain period. 

This scheme allows you to finance any purchase in the past 6 months for £1000.00+VAT or more. The full cost of the equipment will be reimbursed to you, and you will then be able to pay that off monthly over the desired time period. 

This scheme may only be used for equipment, any charges for labour or other services are not applicable, however please note that this may apply to complete orders over £1000.00+VAT, not single items only.

For example, a Compact system worth £895 + VAT would not qualify alone, but if purchased with a water fed pole & hose reel, taking the complete order to £1250.00 + VAT, this would be okay. 

To apply for the Retrospective Finance Scheme, get in touch via the contact form below, or by calling or emailing using the details below. Be sure to include details of your order & a contact number. 


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Telephone: 01446 749 060

*subject to credit approval, terms & conditions apply.