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Phantom Mod - What is it and why should you care?

Let’s get straight down to it, what is the new Phantom Mod System

In the simplest terms, Phantom Mod is a one-size-fits-all system for cleaning at height.

It takes multiple pieces of equipment that a cleaning business might have, and reduces them all into one kit.

It also solves problems currently not solvable with conventional equipment.

But before we get into that, let’s take a step back and let me introduce Lucian.  

A few years ago Lucian, director of Spectrum Specialist Support, realised that cleaning at height isn’t always a walk in the park, his team were regularly having difficulties accessing areas of buildings, and he wasn't able to find equipment that helped. 

As with many other cleaning companies, if there was an awkward job his client was presented with two options - either we skip it, or we bring in access equipment and hike the price. 

Lucian took it upon himself to change this and he designed and 3D printed a means to solve access problems - this would eventually become the Phantom Mod cleaning system. He devised a unique clamping system for carbon fibre tubes, a solution for deep cleaning internal glass (without getting water everywhere), a means to clean canopies, and and a means to clear gutters from the ground, even over and around obstructions. 

After getting his designs to a point where they were used daily in his business, Lucian realised that his system might be useful to cleaning businesses everywhere, so he presented his designs to the WCW team, who were so impressed that a partnership was born. Fast forward through much trial and error (and a pandemic), and the Phantom Mod system is finished and ready to go, and here we are! 

In Lucians own words: 

‘This product is essentially something that we wanted to make for ourselves and it ended up being so useful on so many of our jobs we decided to speak to Window Cleaning Warehouse and they've taken the idea on to the next level...

If I were to summarise. Phantom Mod covers all services where you would normally use a pole, and bring them down to one so you can pretty much use the same cleaning system for the gutter cleaning, for internal window cleaning, for normal reach and wash, and also for specialist cleaning.' 

What makes Phantom Mod different is that it was designed and tested in live action by Window Cleaners & Exterior Cleaning specialists at Spectrum Specialist Support.  


Okay so you know what Phantom Mod is, but why should you care

Phantom Mod gives users a unique answer to many of the problems found in high level cleaning. A one time purchase can save businesses thousands of pounds in access equipment, and allow small businesses to compete for big jobs without eating in to their profits.

Here are some of the reasons to consider using the Phantom Mod System:

1. Ease of access - being able to clean difficult spaces without access equipment reduces the cost of cleaning dramatically - both to yourself and your client, giving you a leg up over your competition. 

2. Internal Cleaning at height - Modern buildings with walls of glass can be enormously difficult to clean inside without shutting down the whole building, getting in access equipment or attempting to clean (and smudge) the glass with microfibre pads - The Phantom Mod System is a cost and time effective way to deep clean internally at height, from the safety of the ground.

3. Clean the unreachable - Phantom Mod tubes can be connected to create a directional path around obstacles. Have your clients in awe as you quickly clean windows, gutters, cladding or fascias that other companies have sworn were unreachable. 

4. Find New Uses - The beauty of the Phantom Mod system is that it is adaptable. with connections for high pressure and steam cleaning expected to be made available in the near future. 


Check out Lucian and his team in action with the Phantom Mod System 

Internal Window Cleaning 

External Cleaning & Gutters


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