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Keep Your Customers Informed

Over the past few weeks, many Window Cleaners have made the difficult decision to stop working, in order to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Others feel they can work safely whilst meeting government guidelines to maintain social distancing.

For those that continue to work, its of vital importance that you maintain social distance, and this is something very achievable for many Window Cleaners. 

If this is you, we understand that communicating your decision, and how you plan to maintain social distance, can go a long way in building strong, loyal relationships with your customers. Regardless of the effort you've put into risk management, if a customer sees their Window Cleaner turn up out of the blue, without any communication, it may give them a negative view of you or your business.

Taking some time to communicate how you are tackling this challenge can go a long way to maintaining good relationships with your customers. Below are a number of info-graphics that highlight some of the ways that Window Cleaners are able to maintain social distance whilst going about their day to day work.

These info-graphics were produced by the WCW team and are completely free to use, save and distribute to your customers or post on your website/ social media pages. The goal of these info-graphics is to provide clear concise information that can be sent as a text message to an individual, emailed, or even simply published to a Facebook business page to let your local community know how you are operating at this time. There are Dark & Light theme versions available below. 

Dark Theme 

Light Theme

With Credit to --> Stephen Luckett (Find them on Facebook @studio29design @luckettswc) - for the original designs on this.